Personal energy, overproduction

  • Published
  • By Capt. Fred Jackson
  • 86th Maintenance Group
As I entered technical training in 2005, the first words I heard were, stay fit-to-fight. Listening to our instructor gather opinions and discussing how the physical fitness examination changed from what we experienced through our different commissioning source was definitely a conversation point.

The real interesting conversation came through from the "old-timers" discussing how the previous physical fitness tests were administered. Two recurring stories were told involving a mysterious bike test and how the run had a few less than healthy tricks to get a passing

Thinking about physical fitness and how it relates to the Air Force and our lives, I wanted to discuss two concepts I always keep in mind: personal energy and overproduction. An old colleague of mine told me that once he found his personal energy, he found himself to be healthier and a more balanced person. He would wake up just in time to get to work and not be late, and as the day rolled on, his energy levels would increase. He would workout during his lunch break or even directly after work, finish the duty day and go home, and even as the day turned into evening, he was still wide-eyed awake.

Once I heard this, I started to think about my own energy levels, which I quickly found out are completely opposite. I would wake up two to three hours before work, exercise at the southside fitness center and get into work early. Once I am on the job, I complete my daily tasks, but as the day rolls on, my energy levels decrease.

Start to think about your energy levels. Do they increase or decrease throughout the day? When do you find yourself to be most productive? Once you figure it out support it. Build your day around it, and you will find yourself a more productive and balanced person.

Once you figure out where your personal energy is, you can build in your plan for physical fitness time into your day. As we come into the summer months activity will flourish, the amount of children playing at the parks will triple and the force support squadron will be offering summer sports programs.

I challenge everyone to find their energy levels, squeeze in your physical training time based on a target fitness level and get involved in something physically active.