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Ramstein Air Base
  • Emergency Management encourages families to stay ready

    September was National Preparedness Month and members of the 786th emergency management flight encourage families to plan for surviving manmade and natural disasters.
  • Its closing time: 700 CONS wraps up 2017

    Airmen assigned to the 700th Contracting Squadron are keeping busy as they close out the 2017 fiscal year.
  • Ramstein to conduct Giant Voice testing Oct 2, 5, and 6

    The 86th Communications Squadron is scheduled to conduct several tests of its “Giant Voice” capability at Air Force installations across the Kaiserslautern Military Community next week. All 18 loudspeakers will be tested on Oct. 2. Once each loudspeaker starts, the test may last for up to an hour. Each system will play every warning tone. On Oct
  • Becoming an officer

    Kaiserslautern Military Community Airmen attended a town hall meeting to learn about ways they can commission as officers in the Air Force Sept. 21, 2017, on Ramstein Air Base, Germany.The Ramstein Education Office teamed up with Air Force company grade officers from around the area to conduct the meeting for those interested in broadening their
  • ATOC: The brain of the flightline

    The Airmen assigned the 721st APS Air Terminal Operations Center coordinate all of the passenger and cargo movements coming in and out of Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
  • A base in a box: 86th MMS keeps Air Force ready for action

    Somewhere in the Luxembourg countryside, armed guards keep watch over a compound of non-descript warehouses and storage containers. Each warehouse in the facility holds a different surprise, but those coming in will find that most of these treasures are kept hidden under lock and key.Stacks of metal boxes tower above the ground as workers inspect
  • KMC Spouse Wins CPI Innovation Logo Contest

    A KMC spouse recently won a logo contest for the 86th FSS Innovation Program.
  • KMC first responders remember 9/11

    U.S. Airmen present the colors during a 9/11 retreat ceremony on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Sept. 11, 2017. Kaiserslautern Military Community first responders conducted the ceremony to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and to honor the first responders who lost their lives while conducting rescue operations during the event.
  • 9/11: Stay Vigilant

    While remembering the fallen on Sept. 11, don’t forget to stay vigilant.
  • KMCC parking lot to reopen in September

    The 86th Civil Engineer Squadron is preparing the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center’s southwest parking lot for its final acceptance on Sept. 11, 2017.