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  • Everyone can make correct choices

    As for my passion, I hope it doesn't offend. try to keep my zealousness in check but I truly want our Culture of Responsible Choices program to make a difference in our Air Force. Is it a personal adventure? It is because I've been the Airmen. I've been the one folks have tried to take out and get drunk. I've lived in the shoes of those we're
  • General Johnston bids farewell

    Editor's Note: Brig. Gen. Rich Johnston, 86th Airlift Wing commander, will relinguish command to Col. William Bender Dec. 19 at a change of command ceremony. General Johnston has been assigned to U.S. Air Forces in Europe Director, Plans and Programs. To our Kaiserslautern Military Community family: it has been an extraordinary privilege for Terry
  • Whole-person concept and how it applies to you

    Our servicemembers are the epitome of the whole-person concept. Yes, we ask you to do your job to the best of your ability - that's a given. But we also ask you to expand your education while also getting involved in your community. The military believes in the whole-person concept, and I believe that this helps servicemembers develop into stronger
  • Shoplifter recounts recent experience

    The first time I was in the newspaper was when I was 5, telling people how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. The second time I was in the newspaper was in the blotter for being caught shoplifting. At first, I was sure I had gotten away with it. I had left the base exchange and it was all over. But really, it was only the beginning. A person with base
  • Behind the wheel, think like Clint Eastwood

    This summer, service members across the KMC will partake in a European version of the great American pastime called the "road trip." Countless locales across the continent beckon you to come and play. Of course, leisure time plays an important role in the military lifestyle, but no responsibility is as essential as safety. With the 101 Critical
  • Don't miss chances to see big picture

    I guess I would consider myself lucky - perhaps luckier than other Airmen - to see what I've seen. I've seen the bigger picture. Have you? I've sunk into boot-sucking mud with the Cable Dawgs while they worked with hundreds of miles of cable beneath our very feet. I've braved face-chapping cold with maintainers and saw what it took to get their