We need to fight terrorism together

  • Published
  • By Anthony Jackson
  • Antiterrorism and Force Protection Office
The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were acts of war against the United States of America and its allies, and against the concept of civilized society. The enemy is not one person, it is not a single political regime. The enemy is terrorism. Acts of terrorism are premeditated and politically motivated and contain violence perpetrated against people, resources and assets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents.

Those who employ terrorism strive to destabilize the rule of law and effect change through violence and fear. Their methods include but are not limited to bombing, killings, extorting, robbing and causing havoc to terrorize people.

We must continue to fight terrorist networks and their efforts to spread fear around the world. Contrary to what many believe; combating terrorism only involves security, law enforcement and intelligence. Combating terrorism involves a collaborated effort among multiple forces, which include but not limited to allies and partners, foreign governments, industries, resources and technology, businesses, local communities and most important ordinary people like you and me.

Combating terrorism is everyone's business. It's like a family business and we all own a share and piece of the prize. As individuals we may be strong, but as a group we are more than strong, "we're a force multiplier," and we will continue to grow until we defeat terrorism. Progress will come through our persistent efforts and accumulation of successes, which will be seen and others unseen. Terrorism affects not only you and me, but our families and friends, our livelihood, the services which we depend upon, and all the things which we love and cherish. Remember, combating terrorism is a family business and we all own a share in the business. Get involved, be involved and stay involved! Protecting people, resources and assets remains our number one priority.

Know your local Antiterrorism and Force Protection representatives, both installation and unit level. Be aware and conscious of your environment and surroundings, both on and off duty, at home and abroad. For travel tips, residential security tips and general security awareness, please notify your local Force Protection Office. To report suspicious activities notify the U.S. Forces Police Squadron at 0631-536-6060 or the Ramstein Law Enforcement Desk at 480-2050. For emergencies, call 112.