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  • CBCS provides mission readiness to OAR, Ramstein

    Combat Communication Squadrons from all over the U.S. Air Force participate in Operation Allies Refuge while maintaining communication capabilities through Ramstein Air Base, Germany, since the beginning of the operation.

  • That's a wrap: Thracian Summer 2021

    Approximately 250 U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 37th Airlift Squadron and 435th Air Ground Operations Wing from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and the 57th Rescue Squadron from Aviano Air Base, Italy, participated in the multinational exercise, Thracian Summer 2021, Aug. 20 - Sept. 3, 2021.

  • Thracian Summer closes for 2021

    Thracian Summer 2021 is an opportunity to train with Bulgarian forces to enhance interoperability, maintain joint readiness and assure regional allies and partners of joint capabilities.

  • Thracian Summer 2021: My way is the highway

    The 435th Contingency Response Group tested their ability to rapidly deploy a landing zone location with a three-man team consisting of an airfield manager, air traffic controller and engineer that surveys, establishes and operates the landing zone.

  • C-130 aircraft arrive in Bulgaria for Thracian Summer 2021

    Continual field training exercises and interactions between allied and partner forces, such as Thracian Summer, allow U.S. and Bulgarian forces to work together as a team to address security threats in and beyond Europe, and enable all participants to contribute to international coalitions.

  • Thracian Summer 2021 gets strong beginnings

    Thracian Summer 2021 is a bilateral exercise between U.S. military members and Bulgarian armed forces designed to enhance interoperability, joint readiness and deterrence efforts.

  • 86 CA brings 5G to RAB

    The 86th Communications Squadron, with the help of the 786th Civil Engineer Squadron and Vodaphone, activated a one-of-a-kind, 5G mobile cell truck at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Sep. 3, 2021.