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  • Personal Property Shipping FAQ

    Personal Property Processing OfficeQ: Do I need orders to schedule my shipments?A: Yes, your orders provide the funding we require to book your shipments.Q: Do I need to put my shipments in Defense Personal Property System (DPS)?A: Yes, military (PCS only) and civilians (PCS or separating) are required to put their shipments into DPS. If this is
  • How to transfer schools during a PCS

    People making a permanent change of station have a long list of things to check before they move to their next base. This list gets even longer for those who have kids in school.Parents should notify their child’s school about their PCS once orders are received, and ask about the earliest date they can withdraw their child. They also request the
  • PCSing? Not before turning in your VAT forms!

    Are you leaving Germany to move to your next duty station? Don’t forget to settle your business, especially when it comes to tax relief. When U.S. DOD members make a permanent change of station to Germany, they have the privilege of saving money on taxes by purchasing VAT forms and enrolling in the utility tax avoidance program. UTAP enables
  • Day of departure: PCS edition

    Outprocessing from an overseas assignment is known for being a complicated process, but service members can finally take a breather once they wake-up on that final day-of-departure morning. Though the day of departure may be a day to relax, for some, the day can quickly turn into one of the busiest.
  • Passports and IDs: getting squared away

    In preparing to leave Ramstein Air Base, it is imperative to maintain current forms of identification for military-affiliated personnel.
  • New sponsorship program helps keep youth informed

    Moving with a family is difficult and is even more difficult for the children in a family. Having a sponsor to talk to can help ease the anxiety of a move.
  • Ramstein travels at a good clip

    The time has come: whether someone is ready for the next adventure or trying their best to find the good in goodbye, a permanent change of duty station might be in the near future. Moving house and home, with or without a family, has a reputation for being stressful or more trouble than it seems worth. Members stationed overseas can’t just fly commercially everywhere, so, where to start?