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Passports and IDs: getting squared away

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- In preparing to leave Ramstein Air Base, it is imperative to maintain current forms of identification for military-affiliated personnel.

Military members and their families are encouraged to have an official travel and tourist passport, be in possession of valid identification cards, and return restricted I.D. cards, such as line badges, before undergoing a permanent change of station.

There are multiple outlets on Ramstein to help individuals complete these tasks.

The 786th Force Support Squadron Ramstein Passport Office is able to assist with renewing, replacing, or obtaining a passport. Military members and their families should be aware of the different types of passports offered. Official travel passports carry no fee but can only be used for assignments such as temporary duty assignments or when PCSing. Tourist passports cost 105 dollars for minors and 135 dollars for adults. These passports may be used for any travel outside of official business.

The 786th FSS Ramstein I.D. Cards Office is able to assist personnel if their Common Access Card, Dependent I.D. Card, or Retiree I.D. Card is damaged, lost or expired before PCSing. The I.D. cards office also assists with outprocessing by creating Air Force Form 1172 for dependents. This form allows dependents to be placed on the orders of military personnel. Lastly, if an individual was issued a ration card by the 786th FSS, the individual PCSing must return the card to the Ramstein I.D. Cards office.

If individuals possess a restricted area badge and are in the process of PCSing, they can return it to the 86th Security Forces Squadron Ramstein Pass and I.D. office. According to Staff Sgt. Jessica Harper, 86th SFS noncommissioned officer in charge of Pass and I.D., personnel can begin the process by contacting their unit security manager. Then, the unit security manager provides an AF Form 2586 and a memorandum for turn-in. Individuals then bring these forms along with their line badge, outprocessing checklist, and orders to the Ramstein Pass and I.D. office. The AF Form 2586 will be turned in with the line badge while the memorandum for turn in, out-processing checklist, and orders will be stamped and returned to the PCSing individual.

For the most up-to-date information about operating hours and fees, visit the Passport & ID cards fact sheet here https://www.ramstein.af.mil/About/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/303618/passports-id-cards/ .