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  • KMC reserve recruiter available to help transition from active duty to reserve

    If you're planning a career move by separating from active duty and already have a separation date, but would still like to continue to serve, the Air Force Reserve may be right for you. Master Sgt. Christian M. Jorg, Air Force Reserve in-service recruiter for the KMC, is available for anyone looking to continue their career or begin a new career
  • Logistics Airmen take 'heavy' pride in their work

    While the everyday mission may become mundane to some, Airmen with the 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron aerial delivery section have found a creative way to break up the monotony. A few Airmen decided to get together and paint "heavy boxes," which are used to simulate heavy drops out the back of C-130's. A few of the paint jobs include tributes
  • Major instills purpose for higher education

    When Master Sgt. Matthew Ulichney of the 835th Civil Engineer Squadron walks across the stage to receive his Community College of the Air Force diploma, one seat in the house will be conspicuously empty. Maj. Rodolfo Rodriguez, who was killed in a terrorist bombing in Pakistan Sept. 20, 2008, will not be in attendance--but Sergeant Ulichney will be
  • Icy runways set winter ops into motion

    As frigid winter weather ices down everything in its path, flightline operations here must continue. The 86th Operations Support Squadron and the 435th Civil Engineer Squadron work hand in hand to ensure mission success during these frigid winter months. Upon the first signs of winter weather, airfield management alerts the supporting units and
  • 86th Airlift Wing rides the Wild West

    Maj. Robert May and Capt. Justine Perlberg turn a 37th Airlift Squadron C-130 onto final approach course, just a mile from touchdown. They hold the nose up over a rocky hill just before reaching the landing zone, then reduce power to set the 55-ton plane down on a 3,000-foot strip of dirt. They throw the propellers into reverse momentarily and
  • USAFE Enlisted Heritage Hall encourages Airmen take walk down memory lane

    The U.S. Air Force in Europe Enlisted Heritage Hall offers visitors a glimpse of what the enlisted corps has done and how it has evolved while offering a sense of pride. The Sam E. Parish Enlisted Heritage Hall, named after the eighth chief master sergeant of the Air Force, opened Aug. 26, 2006, for all Airmen to experience the past of the enlisted
  • Cookie drive helps boy scout advance in the 'ranks'

    Bake cookies, get promoted. While that sounds much easier than the military promotion system, it sums up exactly what a teenager from New Jersey did to gain his next "rank" in the Boy Scouts. So what may have seemed like just another holiday cookie drive at Ramstein, actually was the result of months of planning and a long journey across the ocean.
  • Kentucky ANG supports, learns from 86 CRG

    A new Kentucky Air National Guard unit, the 123rd Contingency Response Group, is coming up big for Ramstein's 86th Contingency Response Group. The 123rd CRG, only officially formed in April, sent two aerial porters this summer to augment the 86th during Operation Assured Delivery in Tbilisi, Georgia. There they worked side-by-side with their active
  • Airmen combat explosive threats in Afghanistan

    The phone rings. A three-man team grabs their prepacked gear and jumps in a truck or a waiting helicopter. These Airmen don't always know where they are going, how long they will be gone, or exactly what they will encounter -- all they know is there is an explosive device somewhere and they need to make it safe. As the threat of improvised
  • KMC schools armed with new life-saving tool

    Swelling, vomiting, shock, fainting and coma are just a handful of potential symptoms caused by this common disorder affecting well over half of Americans. Anaphylaxis, also known as an allergic reaction, is the result of hypersensitive allergies, which affects a large group of Americans. Now EpiPen, an anti-anaphylaxis product which has been on