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  • 569th Guardian Eagles watch over KMC

    Getting up at 3:30 a.m. for work every morning and not getting home until well after 6:00 p.m. might seem tasking to most, but for the 569th United States Forces Police Squadron it is one of the many daily routines to ensure the safety of those in the Kaiserslautern Military Community. Unlike any other unit in the Air Force, the 569th USFPS differs
  • EO office reaches out to Airmen

    When most people think of the military and employment equal opportunity offices they think of filing complaints and having them processed by those offices. This is not the case for the Ramstein Equal Opportunity office. After the merge in July 2008 from MEO and EEO into one office, EO combined its efforts and resources into a more outreach focused
  • Ramstein USO offers little taste of home

    To some the slogan "Until everyone comes home" may seem a little cliché, but to members of the Ramstein Terminal United Service Organizations, they are truly words they embody. The Ramstein Terminal USO is the busiest USO in the world, but this does not stop the staff from offering round the clock care of servicemembers and their families. The
  • Commissary Baggers Provide an Invaluable Service

    Paper or plastic may be the only thing on your mind at the commissary checkout but for your commissary bagger, this decision is only the beginning of the customer service experience. Every day the baggers at your local commissary provide an invaluable service to commissary customers. They help the checkout lines move faster and more efficiently,
  • KMC Wellness Day Was a Hit!

    The Ramstein Health and Wellness Center, Landstuhl's Wellness Center, 435th Services and the 435th Medical Group's Physical Therapy office, hosted the first-ever Kaiserslautern Military Community Wellness Day, on 22 April. The day was filled with great information from nine different helping agencies, 11 nutrition, fitness, tobacco cessation and
  • Get Moving for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May

    President John F. Kennedy remarked at the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame banquet, "We have become more and more not a nation of athletes but a nation of spectators. What we need is a nation of participants in the vigorous life." With May designated National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, the time is now to get moving and start
  • 76th AS Commemorates IFO 21

    The 76th Airlift Squadron recently held a memorial service in remembrance of the April 3, 1996 tragic loss of Implementation Force 21 aboard a Boeing CT-43 aircraft. Thirteen years ago this event took the lives of 35 people, including six Airmen from the 76th AS and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, when it collided with a hillside in Dubrovnik,
  • 86th AES members care for heroes on their way home

    Seats and stanchions line the inside of the cargo area as chilly morning air fills the aircraft. Aeromedical evacuation technicians move back and forth preparing the aircraft for patients by bringing in medical equipment, putting supplies in their proper place and making sure everything they will need is on board. Their mission--to take wounded
  • 2nd Air Postal Squadron offers 'world class support'

    From sender to receiver, mail takes a twisty path to its destination. Especially, if that mail goes to military members, Department of Defense civilians and their families stationed overseas. For those in the U.S. European and African Commands, that path crosses with the 2nd Air Postal Squadron, headquartered here. "With only two postal squadrons
  • Airman and Family Readiness Center provides one stop assistance

    The Ramstein Airman and Family Readiness Center is a one stop information center that is available for single, married, active duty servicemembers, retired individuals and the families within the KMC. The A&FRC was designed with the intent of making some things a little easier for servicemembers and their families. Group classes, individual