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  • 76th AS aids OCO through DV airlift support

    Many people think the 76th Airlift Squadron only flies distinguished visitors around Europe and the United States, but that is not always the case. A team of 11 active-duty members and four civilian maintenance contractors recently returned from a 67-day deployment, flying DVs in and around Iraq and Afghanistan in support of Overseas Contingency
  • The language of love: Ramstein couples improve relationships

    More than 500 men and women from throughout the Kaiserslautern Military Community filled the Ramstein Officers' Club's ballroom Oct. 10 to hear from a man who has devoted his life to educating couples about how to improve their relationships. Dr. Gary Chapman, award winning author of "The Five Love Languages - How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to
  • Chief earns perfect 100

    Every month, the 86th Airlift Wing recognizes those members who earn a perfect 100 on their annual physical fitness assessment with a certificate and/or a letter of recognition and their picture displayed in the base paper. This month members from the Ramstein Health and Wellness Center spoke with a chief master sergeant who obtained Club 100
  • What is Energy?

    Energy is the ability to do work. It comes in different forms -- heat (thermal), light (radiant), mechanical, electrical, chemical and nuclear energy. There are two types of energy -- stored (potential) energy and working (kinetic) energy. For example, the food you eat contains chemical energy and your body stores this energy (potential energy)
  • 86th Dental Squadron emphasizes early preventative care

    Cleaning, flossing and repairing teeth is nothing unusual for the dentists and technicians at the 86th Medical Group here. Each year they see thousands of active duty members, civilian employees and family members. But family members, especially young children, are really where the dentists get the bang for their proverbial buck. Preventative care,
  • Meet your Ramstein teachers

    The 2009 school year is in full swing. Currently, there are more than 3,000 students enrolled in the Department of Defense Dependent Schools on Ramstein Air Base, more than 800 of them at Ramstein Elementary School. Recently, the 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office went out to talk with two teachers at RES about their hopes for the new school
  • Technically sound: One-of-a-kind Ramstein Airman ensures on, off duty success

    Many are fascinated by high-technology equipment, but only few understand the complexity of maintaining and repairing them. The Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory technicians from the 86th Maintenance Squadron are one of the few who do understand. Ramstein's PMEL is the largest out of three in U.S. Air Forces in Europe - - the other two are
  • NATO Allied Air Component Command Headquarters Ramstein goes on alert

    Readiness is the ability of forces, units, weapon systems and other equipment to deliver the outputs for which they were designed. For the past 12 months, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Allied Air Component Command Headquarters Ramstein, or CC-Air Ramstein, has been focused on that ability, as it prepared for increased
  • Squadron keeps KMC moving: Airmen keep wheels going 'round and round'

    If it has four wheels, an engine and runs on gasoline, the 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron is most likely responsible for the means to get behind the wheel. The Ramstein VRS has one mission -- to keep the Kaiserslautern Military Community moving, through rain, snow and sunshine. From the smallest matter such as getting your driver's license, to
  • Engineer's AF winning design improves Ramstein's quality of life

    Winning one Air Force-level award can seem like a feat in and of itself; winning two awards at the same time is extraordinary. One Ramstein mechanical engineer assigned to the 86th Civil Engineer Squadron recently achieved the exceptional honor of receiving two Air Force awards. German local national Peter Heinrich received two Design Excellence