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  • Exercises sharpen skills for ORI, real-world events

    Team Ramstein, next week hundreds of 86th Airlift Wing and 435 Air Ground Operations Wing Airmen kick off the second of five operational readiness exercises we've scheduled before our operational readiness inspection in September.You are incredibly busy winning today's fight in operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and most units have
  • Reflective belts better than the alternative

    By day, I'm mild-mannered Air Force journalist Austin May. But when night falls, and morale is in danger, I don my sweats and cutoff t-shirt and take to my art studio.In each of my Air Force-themed comics, "Air Force Blues," "Box D Blues" and "Air Force Toons," on varying levels of facetiousness I make light of the life we all live in the Air
  • Inspire positive change

    Our federal holidays commemorate momentous dates and people in history, giving us an opportunity to reflect on significant events and celebrate leaders that have shaped our great nation. On January 18th, we Americans will do just that as we honor and celebrate a man who inspired a country to change for the good of all. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • America's Airmen flourish when their leaders trust them

    I've observed two different types of leaders over the years when it comes to trusting the airmen that work for them. In one camp, the leaders want to see the airmen perform first and have the airmen earn their trust. In the other, the leaders automatically trust the airmen and, also, carry high expectations on their performance. My experience has
  • Fly, fight and win...in 2010...and beyond

    Happy 2010 to Team Ramstein! If 2009 was any indication, the 86th Airlift Wing's "fly, fight, and win" mission here in Europe will keep growing in 2010. Fly: In April we will receive our our 14th, and final, C-130J Super Herc and become fully operational soon thereafter. Meanwhile our guard and reserve team mates in the 38th AS seamlessly added
  • Looking back while moving forward

     Team Ramstein, your service continues to amaze this Airman. The Command Chief and I witnessed your leadership first hand these past two weeks during our Operational Readiness Exercise. From mobility processing to learning how to survive and operate in a hazardous environment we came together to start preparing for our Sept 2010 Operational
  • Resolve to save energy

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. Depending on how gripping you find the first balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet's parting may or may not be "such sweet sorrow." In any case, her phrase is an oxymoron, combining contradictory ideas of pleasure and pain. Parting is sorrowful because Juliet would prefer Romeo didn't leave. Parting is pleasurable,
  • Readiness leads to success: stay mission focused

    Today marks the end of the first week of the 86th Airlift Wing and 435th Air Ground Operations Wing's operational readiness exercise, and as we move forward with the Phase II portion next week, I want to take this time to remind everyone of why we do these exercises, and why it's important to focus and strive to do our best each and every
  • Responsible choices...a year-round opportunity

    Warriors, we have just finished celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoying all that comes with this time of year. And from a safety perspective a very well done to all Team Ramstein! As we move into December I want to remind everyone that this month is also Responsible Alcohol Use Month. Throughout this December as we celebrate the holidays with friends
  • A thankful Air Force family

    The Thanksgiving holiday is synonymous with spending time with family and friends to celebrate the year's blessings. While serving overseas, many of you are away from your immediate families during this holiday, but as Airmen, you are a part of one of the largest and most respected families in the world -- the military family. By the nature of our