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  • Ramstein’s aquatic center nears completion

    Construction of Ramstein's indoor aquatic center is now 95 percent complete. "Remaining construction items include planting grass, trees and shrubbery outside the facility, and completing installation of lights, electrical fixtures, installation of door hardware, lockers and some tile work," said Norman Guenther, Air Force Center for Engineering
  • 37th AS Airmen receive unique C-130 training

    In 1994, the United States prepared to launch the largest airborne invasion since World War II. USAF C-130s and C-141s loaded with paratroopers and equipment from the 82nd Airborne Division and elements of Special Operations Command were on their way to Haiti when the President recalled the invasion force. During the after action process, Air
  • HRO helps find homes for KMC

    The staff of the housing referral office locates and lists new housing assets for the KMC, to include inspecting every new rental for suitability in accordance with Air Force standards. However, there are many things customers need to know about the HRO's responsibilities and limitations. "Tenants must understand, housing referral is not a party to
  • USAFE program builds partnerships, opens lines of communications

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe patches can be seen around the world because of the command's robust military to military program which is one of several theater security cooperation components. USAFE works with more than 60 countries on three continents annually to share information and enhance interoperability among nations. The military-to-military
  • Renters insurance protects servicemembers

     Take a few minutes and estimate the total value of everything you own in your apartment or rented house. Add up the value of your electronics (your computer, stereo, TV, MP3 player), your furniture, clothing, shoes, appliances, pictures, towels, linens, kitchenware, games and everything else. If you added up everything you owned and determined the
  • KMC Commander Announced

    Gen. Roger Brady, U.S. Air Forces in Europe commander, announced May 13 that Col. Bill Bender, 86th Airlift Wing commander, is designated the Kaiserslautern Military Community commander. As the KMC commander, he is the senior military representative to the German government of more than 53,400 personnel living and working on five Air Force and ten
  • Combat Comm tests multinational interoperability, builds relationships

    Teaming up with more than 40 participating nations, 1st Combat Communications Squadron uses Combined Endeavor 2008 to plan, prepare and practice using a full range of communications equipment, policies and procedures prior to deploying for NATO missions and emerging, real-world crisis situations such as the evacuation of Lebanon and response to
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer kicks off

    From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the U.S. Air Force has an increased number of off-duty injuries and fatalities. It is during this time Air Force leaders want Airmen to be even more aware of safety. Since its origin in 1970, the 101 Critical Days of Summer safety campaign was developed to counter the traditional increase in Air Force mishaps and