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  • Carpathian Summer 2018 comes to a close

    After many takeoffs and touchdowns, Carpathian Summer 2018 comes to a close. The training exercise brought pilots and aircrew from the U.S. Air Force and Romanian air force together to enhance interoperability and readiness of forces.Carpathian Summer 2018 resulted in successful low-level flying, personnel and cargo airdrops, night formations, and
  • European leaders steer F-35 integration

    In the years since the release of the U.S. military’s newest fighter aircraft, the F-35 lightning II has provided pilots unprecedented levels of survivability, lethality, and situational awareness, allowing warfighters to engage and win in hostile environments. A group of general officers representing the U.S. and each of the seven European and Mediterranean nations which will operate the F-35 met on Ramstein, Sep. 6, 2018, to discuss the aircraft’s implementation in Europe.
  • Host nation civic leaders tour RAB

    Host nation civic leaders tour Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Aug. 31, 2018.
  • 86th MXG: Getting aircraft in the air

    “No one in our shop has ever done this repair before,” said Senior Airman Kaleb Lemons, 86th Maintenance Squadron repair and reclamation journeyman. “An aircraft can typically go its entire lifespan without us replacing these parts.”
  • Plan ahead for Bad Durkheim Wine Festival

    If you attend the festival, the US Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Department of Emergency Services and 569th USFPS remind all attendees to have a plan before and a back-up plan. As always, drink and behave responsibly.
  • 521st AMOW celebrates 10th Anniversary

    The 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing will celebrate its tenth anniversary and long history of safely expediting maximum war-fighting and humanitarian effects through rapid and precise global air mobility across a more than 5000 mile area of responsibility Sept. 4, 2018, on Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
  • Don’t be a victim: Protect yourself from cyber crime

    There is an epic battle raging worldwide which transcends every national boundary—and everyone is involved whether they know it or not.
  • Carpathian Summer 2018: Dropping cargo over Romania

    U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Sarah Meadows, 37th Airlift Squadron loadmaster releases a container delivery system with her wingmen during an airdrop over Boboc Air Base, Romania, Aug. 27, 2018. The CDS is a commonly used method for the aerial insertion of supplies for contingency operations. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Devin Boyer)
  • Measles outbreak in Europe continues, Army Medicine officials urge vaccination

    Adults and children not vaccinated for measles could be at risk for contracting the illness as a result of an ongoing measles outbreak in several European countries. Regional Health Command Europe officials recommend families review their vaccination records to ensure everyone is fully vaccinated against the disease. Additionally, in 2017, Army