Mission, Vision, Priorities

86th Airlift Wing

Drinking and Driving: No second chances.

Readiness Readiness

Priority One: Readiness

Professional Development Professional Development

Priority Two: Professional Development

Building Partnerships Building Partnerships

Priority Three: Building Partnerships

Provide Exceptional Quality of Life for KMC Provide Exceptional Quality of Life for KMC

Priority Four: Provide Exceptional Quality of Life for KMC

Eliminate non-value added activities Eliminate non-value added activities

Priority Five: Eliminate non-value added activities


Generate and employ air mobility, enable theater and strategic airpower, and operate key Air Force power projection platforms.

Every day, we will become more innovative, more resilient, and more excellent...as the best wing in our Air Force.

-Succeed in the mission: The 86AW generates and employs airpower internally, but also enables others to do the same. We must succeed in both.

-Become better: This is a mind-set we must have. Even though we are already good, we must become better. Better in our processes, better in our training, better as Airman and better as human beings.

-Care for one another: Care for "one" must come first. Every Airman must be ready, healthy and able in order to do the next part--caring for "another".