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Household Goods: Outbound

Updated July 18, 2022


Contact info:
86th Logistics Readiness Squadron Traffic Management Flight
Bldg 2106, Room 211
DSN 480-2163

Walk-in hours:
Monday through Friday, 7.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Closed on American/German holidays, family and goal days.


Scheduling Your Household Goods Pick-up
Traffic Management Office (TMO) customers utilize the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), an automated system developed to help simplify the move process and initiate Household Goods movement. As a DoD Customer, DPS allows you to have 24-hour access to its many features such as online counseling, claims settlement, and shipment tracking.

All personnel are required to create a DPS account at You can do this prior to having a movement Order (PCS/RET/SEP/ERD/etc.).

You are NOT required to accomplish the DPS Self Counseling if you fall into any of the below categories. Although, you are required to visit TMO with 3 copies of your Order to initiate action:

     - First Move
     - Retiring/separating 
     - Putting Property into Non-Temporary Storage (NTS)
     - Moving from off-base to on-base housing

For all other personnel, you are required to enter the DPS and accomplish Self Counseling.


Where do I start if I am required to accomplish DPS Self Counseling?

  1. You must have a hard copy Order or a Letter-in-lieu of Orders.
  2. *Ensure pop-up blocker is off* (Chrome and Edge work best)
  3. Select “Before You Move”, here you will find How-to Guides, weight allowances, and other pertinent information that will assist in planning your move.
  4. Select "Self Counseling", and update your "Customer Profile". Once your profile is updated select, "Enter Order Information" to enter the details from your Order. Then, select "Create Shipment" to enter shipment details pertaining to your move.
  5. After you have finished your shipment(s) in DPS, email our work center org box at 86LRS.LGRDPPO@US.AF.MIL with a copy of orders and DD Form 1299 per each shipment request. Or bring those items to our office during walk-in hours.


Your shipments will NOT be booked until you attend a TMO briefing and sign all necessary paperwork.

Shipping Alcohol
United States Customs & Border Patrol permits the importation of alcohol in household good shipments when prior approval is obtained and advance documentation is provided. Individuals wishing to ship alcohol in their household goods are subject to State, Federal, and US Customs requirements, taxes, fees, and restrictions. All additional fees associated with the shipment of alcohol are solely the responsibility of the customer.

The following documentation must be turned into the members TSP (local agent/carrier) NLT the first day of packing:

- Power of Attorney (POA) for your Transportation Service Provider to clear your alcohol through US Customs. Please print and complete the POA; this does not need to be notarized by the legal office.

- Completed alcohol inventory: Each column of the alcohol inventory must be filled out in its entirety and the total number of liters must be annotated on the inventory.

- Written permission from the state the customer is moving to authorizing the importation of alcohol in household goods. Contact information for each state's Alcohol, Beverage, and Control (AB&C) Board can be found at the following link:


Shipping your POV:

All information regarding the cleaning, scheduling, and shipping of your POV can be found at


TMO Personal Property VIPER SharePoint (helpful information on preparing for your upcoming move)


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