"We believe an Airman's personal and professional successes depend on this resiliency, and feel it is our responsibility to provide the education and resources to help them and their families build it.

 - Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force
 James Cody

Four Domains of Resiliency

Mental: Approaching life's challenges in a positive way by demonstrating self-control, stamina and good character with choices and actions; seeking help and offering help.

Physical: Performing and excelling in physical activities that require aerobic fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition derived through exercise, nutrition and training.

Social: Developing and maintaining trusted, valued friendships that are personally fulfilling and foster good communication, including exchange of ideas, views and experiences.

Spiritual: Strengthening a set of beliefs, principles or values that sustain an individual's sense of well-being and purpose.

Spiritual fitness is about having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It's essential to an individual's resiliency as esprit de corps is vital to a unit's mission accomplishment.

It includes but not limited to worldviews, religious faith, sense of purpose, sense of connectedness, values, ethics and morals.

Core Groups Concepts

For information on the Core Groups Concepts, please go to the USAFE Sharepoint Site under Core Values.

Commander's Toolkit

Mental Domain  Mental Domain
Communication toolkit
Frontline Supervisor toolkit
Frontline Supervisor Training
Tower Exercise
Change and Motivation Exercise 
Physical Domain  Physical Domain
Healthy Eating toolkit
Physical Fitness Exercise
Nutrition toolkit  
Social Domain  Social Domain
Mock Escalation Exercise
What's in it for Me Exercise
Financial Awareness Exercise  
Spiritual Domain  Spiritual Domain
Spiritual toolkit 

 **Airmen who wish to complete the Support and Resiliency Inventory should  visit the AF Portal.  Under the Life and Career Tab, click on Health and then on Airman Resilience.**