• Summer safety tips

    The following graphic displays a few things people can do to keep themselves safe during the summer season. Taking frequent breaks, using insect repellent and sunscreen are a few summer safety tips named in the graphic.

  • Don’t let ticks ruin your adventure

    The wilderness of forests in Germany and other European countries call adventurous Airmen and their families to explore the great outdoors.Unfortunately, some small but dangerous villains threaten to put a damper on those adventures.The villains are named Ixodes Ricinus and Dermacentor Reticulatus.

  • Staying safe this summer

    Summer is ramping up and many people are making travel plans.The 86th Airlift Wing safety office is reminding Airmen and their families to stay vigilant while enjoying the season.Tech. Sgt. Henrie Young, 86th Airlift Wing safety office occupational safety technician, said that the summer months

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