Capt. Spanky and the Linderhof Palace

  • Published
  • By Capt. Spanky
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Hello Ramstein! I'm so excited to tell you about my newest expedition, my nub won't stop wagging! Recently, my humantook me to a very special castle where I felt like a royal pup for a day. As the smallest of three castles built by King Ludwig II, the Linderhof Palace was the only castle he lived to see completed. The castle is located in Ettal, a four and a half hour drive from Ramstein. Though the drive leading up to the palace is not surrounded by many buildings as it is secluded, I stuck my head out the window to enjoy the amazing scenery and fresh air. For a smaller castle, there is so much to see. Each room is decorated with pawsitively extravagant embellishments, statues, paintings, mirrors and fancy 19th century furniture that smelled good enough to nibble. Outside the palace is the Linderhof Park, which was set out to recreate the palace and gardens of Versailles, France. In the center of it all is a grand fountain that you can't miss. The water looked so refreshing, I had to sneak in a doggy paddle session. Normally, I don't like lemons; they make me lick my snout a thousand times, but this lemon tree had me jumping with excitement. This 300-year-old tree was planted because of King Ludwig II's fascination with trees. I couldn't help but bury my favorite bone in the gardens of this hidden treasure.
If you want to explore outside of the local area, the Linderhof Palace is a great place to see something different in Germany, and get a great history lesson. I'll give it two paws up!