Capt. Spanky goes to Sweden

  • Published
  • By Capt. Spanky
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
This past weekend my human took me out to see the second largest city in Sweden: Gothenburg. What a beautiful city by the seaside, where Vikings launched their boats to reach all over Europe and the Americas. My human has recently been infatuated with this selfie craze and took one with me wearing the legendary Viking horns, but did you know they never actually used those horns? Can you imagine standing tall and then somebody just grabbing and pulling you down by the horns in the middle of battle? When I visit a place I like to see all of it, and the best way to do that is from up high, but boy I didn't learn my lesson from the "leaning tower of pizza" stairs and my poor little legs. We went up to an old water tower cafe. Climbing up those hills and upstairs was worth the view. Looking out into the city that hosts some of the largest festivals in Scandinavia and seeing a wave crashing against the largest port in Sweden was amazing. I let my tongue fly in the wind, and then I saw it! In the distance, a roller coaster came up and back down. Then, another! I thought, "Oh no." I looked at my owners and saw a look in their eyes as if Thor's hammer struck and refl ected the lighting! I knew they saw it! I knew where we were going next. My legs began to quiver, and my stomach began to sink. I tugged on my leash to head to
the city's Botanical Garden to chase butterflies, or the Kungsportsavenyn shopping and walking district. Anything but the Liseberge amusement park! It's the largest park in Scandinavia by the number of rides. I walked into the park with my tail between my legs as screams of excitement echoed all around me. There was only one hope. I knew my trip could be saved! As we walked up to the line for the park's tallest roller coaster, we came up to the measuring stick, and thankfully I didn't reach the minimal height to ride. I started wagging my tail in excitement, because I knew my vacation had been saved!