Capt. Spanky

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Guten Tag! Today I bring you news all the way from Vienna, Austria! While this eight-hour drive may be exhausting, especially when traveling in a carrier, I guarantee it is well worth the wait. When I first laid my paw onto the narrow streets of the inner city, I was overwhelmed by the culture and architecture. From baroque palaces to the contemporary cafes enveloped by Mozart's music, you feel embraced by the various classical era nuances that fl ow through the city. Along with feeling like I went back in time, the Museum of Fine Arts opened my eyes to a simpler way of life. Housed inside is art from around the world, created by incredible people. They even have paintings by Raphael. I never thought he would put down his twin Sais for brushes, but I guess even a mutant turtle needs a way to decompress. As I left the museum, something immediately grabbed the attention of me and my owner. A cloud of smells fi lled of meats and fresh fruit surrounded us, pulling us off into the distance as if we were fl oating towards a hand that kept gesturing us to follow. When we arrived at the source, no words could express the growl from my stomach; my owner thought I was replaced by a bloodhound. In front of us laid rows and rows of different stands fi lled with local cuisine. The largest of its kind, we knew the Naschmarkt was the place to eat. While my owners were chowing down on some seafood and I was gobbling up cheese, I took a bit of time to refl ect on how lucky I have been to travel throughout Europe. I have ventured awkwardly up the Tower of Pisa, ate my fi ll at the sausage market in Bad D├╝rkheim and even became the prince at the Neuschwanstein Castle. If there is anywhere my readers would like for me to venture off to next, visit the Ramstein Air Base Facebook page and leave a request. Until then, I'm off for seconds before I see my buddy Sparky the Fire Dog next week. Hope to see you there!