Capt. Spanky: Thanks for reading

  • Published
  • By Capt. Spanky
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Hello, Team Ramstein! Next week is Thanksgiving. It's like a free day to eat as much as I want without feeling bad about it afterward. If I wore pants and a belt, I know I would be loosening them up after my Thanksgiving dinner.

Though food is a big reason many people look forward to this holiday, I would like to take this time to go back to the holiday's roots and reflect on some of the things I'm thankful for this year.

First, I'm thankful for my readers! It may not seem like much to pick up a Kaiserslautern American and read it, but you give this little officer something to look forward to every week. I get to share my experiences, hopes and dreams with you every week.

I am also thankful for the men and women, both military and civilian, who are serving our country and willing to share their lives, not only with our staff, but also with you, our readers.

I am thankful for my family and friends. I think it goes without saying, but I don't think we can ever speak their praises enough. Behind every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine, there is a support system of some kind that allows them to focus on their mission. I have my humans, and I try my best to show them my affection and appreciation.

Through the good and bad times, there is almost always something we can be thankful. Take this time to consider the things you are thankful for, and if it is a person, maybe tell them!

Until next time, happy Thanksgiving!