PAX Airmen make summer time travel easy

RAMSTIEN AIR BASE, Germany -- With the summer about to start and more people changing duty stations, members who want to take space-available flights will need to bring all the information and documentation with them so they can get on the first possible flight.

"A member must first go to our passenger service center to sign up for a space-available flight," said Airman 1st Class Jeffrey Wade, 721st Aerial Port Squadron passenger service specialist. "They need their passport or ID if they are active duty, leave form (if required) and command sponsorship letter for dependents."

Additionally, if a dependent is over the age of 10, they are required to have an ID card and all active-duty members must be on leave before signing up for a flight. After the required documentation is collected, passengers then wait for roll call to be marked present.

According to Anderson, the member must show up an hour early before roll call to be marked present for their flight. If a member shows up too late, they might not be able to make their flight.

"We process as many passengers as we can, as quickly as possible and we do everything we can to fill every flight but there will be times when things are out of our control," said Tech. Sgt. Charity Anderson, 721st APS passenger service shift supervisor. "Be financially ready to pay for a hotel room or lodging if you don't fly out the first day you come to the terminal. The average wait time to catch a flight for active duty members on leave is about a week. For dependents and retirees is anywhere from two weeks to a month."

On average the passenger terminal processes 650 people per day during the summer months. With so many traveling stateside, the team suggests creating an alternative arrival location.

"Everyone wants to go to Baltimore but it's the hardest destination to get to during the summer," said Senior Master Sgt. Timothy Moncman, 721st APS passenger superintendent of flight services. "Be ready to go to other available east coast terminals or anywhere in the states."

Moncman suggests members to consider terminals, such as Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, or any other available location in the vicinity.

While waiting, the terminal gives various ways for passengers to pass the time.

"We have the[United Service Organizations], family lounge, play-ground and the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center across the street for passengers waiting for their flights," said Anderson. "The family lounge has toys for children to play with and cribs for babies. There is also Wi-Fi in the terminal sponsored by the USO."

"Our Facebook page displays 72 hours of flight data so that is a great avenue if people are trying to get information for a flight," said Anderson. "We also have the updated phone system so people can get information there also by calling 479-4440 or 0637-146-4440."

Whether it's choosing an alternate arrival location or gathering the correct paperwork to travel, members can rely on PAX terminal Airmen to get the correct information they need to get to destinations around the world.