Responsible choices...a year-round opportunity

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Mark Dillon
  • 86th Airlift Wing commander
Warriors, we have just finished celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoying all that comes with this time of year. And from a safety perspective a very well done to all Team Ramstein!

As we move into December I want to remind everyone that this month is also Responsible Alcohol Use Month. Throughout this December as we celebrate the holidays with friends and family the "Responsible Alocohol Use" month focus is on making responsible choices regarding alcohol. And making responsible choices about alcohol is not just a Christmas and New Year event; it is a year round responsibility. However, the many social gatherings this time of year make it the perfect time to concentrate our efforts on making responsible choices.

Why? Because when we forget to plan we make poor decisions--especially when alcohol is involved. And statistics show that members who abuse alcohol are more likely to also engage in high-risk behaviors that put themselves and others in danger. Plan ahead and stick to that plan, have a trusty wingman, and always ensure you have a designated driver.

Team Ramstein, keep up the superb mission and safety focus. And as you take time to celebrate this holiday season continue to make responsible choices...especially when it comes to alcohol. Remember that making those responsible choices does not stop when the party starts.

As always, thank you to you and your families for your sacrifice, selflessness and for your service.