Do you know your dormitory?

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Laura Salazar
  • 86th Civil Engineer Squadron
The title suggests I'm speaking solely to the 1,200 residents living in one of 16 dormitories on Ramstein and Kapaun. In truth, I'm speaking to everyone.

We all know someone or work with someone living in the dormitories. In the event you happen to be one of the few who doesn't, I'm certain you've passed these young Airmen as you drive around base. Many are walking to and from the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center, Commissary, Post Office or the gym. What may not be well known is what goes on with these Airmen and even a handful of Soldiers, when they leave work and go home.

I work with a team of 12 noncommissioned officers who strive to make the dorms a home, but we don't do it alone. We work hand in hand with first sergeants, commanders, supervisors and other agencies as well. Our charge: clean, safe and secure dormitories. We accomplish that through time, mentorship, leadership involvement and these already established programs:

- Eight Quality of Life projects completed and 19 planned for execution to include upgraded kitchens and baths, paint and carpet. Total investment of $3.7 million.

- Installation and Unit Dormitory Councils: Resident led KMC Installation Councils with oversight and guidance from Chief Master Sgt. Vernon Butler, 86th Airlift Wing command chief, as well as Dormitory Councils with first sergeant and commander oversight.

- Dormitory of the Quarter Program: Selected dormitory wins $2.5 thousand to be used for a Quality of Life Self-Help project.

- Bay Orderly Program: Residents providing clean-up detail for the dormitory campus.

- Unit led after-hour walk-throughs, dorm dinners and Charge of Quarters.

Who does this affect? Our future leaders. Our Airmen, who shoulder an incredible responsibility to the mission, will become supervisors, first sergeants, chiefs and perhaps a few command chiefs or commanders. I invite you to get to know them and your dormitory.

Not sure how to get started? Start with a chat. You'll learn so much, but more importantly, you'll be involved, then stay involved and be an advocate. Make things happen with a focus on "clean, safe and secure dormitories."

For details on any of these programs, contact Master Sgt. Laura Salazar at 480-3676.