ORI: One team, one fight--simply outstanding

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Mark Dillon & Col. Thomas Gould
  • 86th Airlift Wing & 435th Air Ground Operations Wing commanders
Team Ramstein, after months of preparation we are ready for our Operational Readiness Inspection. Thank you for your steadfast determination, dedication and drive as we prepared for this inspection. Now is your chance to show the inspectors what we have always known -- just how impressive the Airmen of Team Ramstein are.

Every day you answer our nation's call in the air, space and cyber domains. And this inspection will be no different as we showcase your impressive capabilities in support of U.S. European Command's mission.

During this inspection we will swiftly position and deploy both wings to forward locations via airborne and air-land insertions. We will build an aerial port and establish a command and control network, placing a wide range of air, space, and cyber capabilities forward at an austere airfield; all while sustaining them throughout the inspection. Here at Ramstein, we will continue to execute our respective missions and demonstrate the ability to survive and operate under stressed, hostile, and chemical/biological environments.

We will succeed because of the great training, personal preparation, attention to detail, and a can-do attitudes you all possess. These factors have paid big dividends the past nine months. And coupled with your enthusiasm will pay even bigger dividends over the next two weeks.

The men and women of the 86th Airlift Wing, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and Team Ramstein have a lot to be proud of. You have trained, exercised, and prepared for months, all while supporting real-world taskings across three Combatant Commands. You have checked hundreds of mobility folders; tirelessly "red teamed" cargo more times than we care to admit; and spent thousands of hours in deployment lines. You have prepared, flown and fixed aircraft; taken Self Aid and Buddy Care CBTs; and conducted hundreds of MOPP trainers and PAR team sweeps. You have moved patients and bugged out of facilities; decontaminated vehicles and each other, and executed countless other events.

Your hard work has paid off and you are ready. Now let's go out and show the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Inspector General Team what we see every day--one team, one fight--simply outstanding!