Impressive Airmen

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Mark Dillon
  • 86th Airlift Wing commander
Every day I am impressed by the Airmen of the 86th Airlift Wing. Your
incredible mission focus has impact here at home and around the globe.

Just yesterday I had the honor of presenting the Air Force Combat Action
Medal to Staff Sergeant Nathan Lipscomb from the 86th Public Affairs office.
SSgt Lipscomb was a deployed photographer with the Kunar Provincial
Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan. During his 9 month deployment he not
only provided outstanding photo, linguistic, and social media support to US
and Afghan leaders he also pulled dozens of hours guard duty, executed 89
convoy/foot patrols throughout Afghanistan, supported the gunner (passing
ammo and spotting targets) in six troops in contact situations, and his
direct actions helped minimize civilian causalities. For this deployment
alone, SSgt Lipscomb received the AF Combat Action Medal, the Army
Commendation and Achievement Medals and the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement
Medal. Well done!

Last week I went into the Ramstein Commissary to pick up a few items unaware
that I was walking into a scene where a man's life was hanging in the
balance. Fire trucks and firefighters were responding to the scene: A
75-year-old gentleman collapsed in the commissary with what appeared to be a
heart attack, falling to the floor with no pulse, and no breathing. Yet the
scene was entirely under control. The reason it was under control was
because an off duty Airman from the 86th MDOS, Capt. Dale Harrell, only days
after returning from a six-month deployment to Afghanistan, happened to be
nearby and quickly took control of the scene. He helped coordinate
volunteers, instantly formed them into a team, and together they started his
heart with a nearby defibrillator and got the 75-year old gentlemen
breathing as well. They kept him stable until emergency responders could
arrive on the scene and take over. Another Well Done!

I would like to applaud the brave actions of SSgt Lipscomb and quick
reactions of Captain Harrell. They, along with hundreds of Airmen of the
86th Airlift Wing, are making a difference every day both here at home and
around the world.