KMC takes care of retirees during appreciation week

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Larissa Greatwood
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Members of Kaiserslautern Military Community organizations came together to assist the retiree population here, Oct. 4, in honor of Retiree Appreciation Week.

The event provided a one-stop-shop for retirees to take care of questions they may have about medical or legal matters, as well as receive financial assistance and flu shots.

“We had various groups here who have some involvement with the retiree community,” said retired U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Debbie Shelton, KMC Retiree Council president. “We have medical and dental, but we also have the credit union and other groups to answer questions. This event is informational and helps answer retirees’ questions. This particular event, the organizations are all here at the same time. This way, the retirees don’t have to make separate trips to each place.”

Shelton said as a retiree who now works to help other retirees in the community, she knows events like this are imperative.

“This event is important to me because I am a retiree,” she said. “This gives all of us the opportunity to come together and see how everyone is doing. I get to see people I love to see, but don’t see often. It’s a good social event and is a lot of fun.”

It’s important for us to take care of each other in any way we can. The retiree population has done their time in the military, so it’s our turn to give back to them, said 1st Lt. Lauren Kram, 76th Airlift Squadron C-21 pilot and Retiree Appreciation Day assistant project officer.

“The retirees have all served their country just as we are now, and it’s really important for them to know they aren’t forgotten and we want to provide our support,” she said. “We were able to sit down and talk with them during breakfast and heard their stories. It’s great hearing stories of people who served in the past.”

The 86th Airlift Wing Retiree Activities Office works year-round to provide assistance to retirees and their spouses. Retiree Appreciation Week, an annual event, is just one way for them to provide an easy way for retirees to take care of multiple errands at one location.

By taking care of each other, members of the KMC showed their appreciation to the heroes of the past who still serve in the community today.