The 86 FSS hosts Annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day Event

  • Published
  • By Airman Dylan Myers
  • 86th Airlift Public Affairs

The 86th Force Support Squadron Military and Family Readiness Center partnered with the 86th Airlift Wing Chapel and the Community Care Partners to host the fourth Annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day event, on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, May 3, 2024.

First observed in 1984, Military Spouse Appreciation Day recognizes the importance of military spouses and their sacrifices and contributions made every day.

The event was held to thank spouses, provide essential resources, and information from various organizations around the Kaiserslautern Military Community.
“The event is a great reminder for spouses to understand the resources that they have on the installation,” said Sharon Williams, KMC spouse. “A year might go by and you may forget some resources that are out there so its great they are hosting this event”

This event featured an information fair highlighting cultural and ethnic communities, breakout sessions covering education, housing, support agencies, and employment, a ceremonial dance performed by the KMC Filipino American Association, and children’s activities hosted by the Youth Center.

Pearl Laxague, a new military spouse in the KMC, expressed the hurdles she has had to overcome, highlighting the importance of community, and reaching out of one's comfort zone for support.

“I don’t have anyone in my family or that I know that was a military spouse who could’ve prepared me for these types of challenges,” said Laxague. “However, having other military spouses has been a huge help because asking for help is really hard. It's important to have other spouses you can be open with so you can let them know you’re struggling.”

Events like this give the community an opportunity to not just spread awareness to spouses on the programs and resources available to them, but to also help them connect with other spouses and build long-lasting friendships.

“No question is a bad question,” said Laxague. “You can try doing it on your own, but another military spouse can support you just like your own spouse.”

The fourth Annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day event, acknowledged the role military spouses play, fostering connections and providing vital resources to support their journey. Through a diverse array of activities and discussions, spouses were given the opportunity to find community and forge friendships, highlighting the significance of mutual support within the military community.