Einsiedlerhof bridge closed July 3- Sept.

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From Monday, July 3, 2023, the expansion measure of the city of Kaiserslautern starts in the intersection area Jacob-Pfeiffer-Straße/Von-Miller-Straße. At the same time, work of the Landesbetrieb Mobilität Kaiserslautern is already underway directly adjacent to expand the A6 junction Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof.

The two measures connect directly to each other and each require closures that interlock. The now planned combination of the measures and the consolidation of the closures result in advantages in the respective construction process and synergy effects in the joint structural implementation, which means that a shorter closure time can be achieved overall over both measures.

In the course of the joint construction work, the ascent and exit of the A 6 motorway junction Einsiedlerhof in the direction of Mannheim as well as the connection bracket via the A 6 and Jacob-Pfeiffer-Straße to the intersection area Von-Miller-Straße will be closed until the end of September 2023. Here, the municipal civil engineering consultant and the state enterprise mobility work together and in the closest structural coordination in order to keep time restrictions for road users as low as possible.

In the course of the overall expansion of the motorway junction, after largely completing the roundabout North, the LBM Kaiserslautern is now building a new roundabout on the south side of the A 6 motorway, which connects the ascent and exit to the A 6 in the direction of Mannheim with Jacob-Pfeiffer-Straße and the four-lane connecting bracket via the A 6. In the future, this roundabout is intended to optimize and distribute the traffic flows under the high volume of traffic - after all, an average of 22,500 vehicles are forecast every day that pass through the roundabout. The US Air Base Ramstein and the new building of the US hospital as well as Mackenbach and Rodenbach can still be reached from the A 6 in the direction of Saarbrücken via the already built turbo roundabout on the north side of the A 6. The LBM estimates the costs of the overall expansion measure of the junction at 13 million euros.

In addition to the already ongoing expansion measure of the LBM Kaiserslautern, the municipal civil engineering department has road work carried out in parallel in the intersection area Jacob-Pfeiffer-Straße/Von-Miller-Straße. By the end of September, both the roads of the intersection area and the sidewalks will be renewed. In addition, a new cycle path and a changed traffic routing with traffic light signaling are being created. The costs are estimated at about 550,000 euros.

All resident companies in the Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof industrial estate remain accessible throughout the entire measure and will be informed in advance. The traffic diversions are signposted. In order not to overload the Opel roundabout at the Kaiserslautern-West junction of the A 6, it is recommended to bypass the construction site extensively or, if possible, to change to local public transport. Unfortunately, traffic disruptions cannot be completely avoided by the extensive construction measures. Nevertheless, the city and the LBM ask all affected road users for understanding and considerate driving.