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KMC Patrons,

The Ramstein Law Center has seen a continuously reduced demand for tax preparation services over the years -- down approximately 95% since 2001.  At the same time, the number of free online resources, particularly for military members and their families, has increased steadily.  Consequently, the Ramstein Law Center will no longer offer tax preparation services.  If you do need tax preparation services, many free services are listed below.  You will also find important tips to remember as the filing deadline approaches.

The Ramstein Law Center will assist first-time filers as needed.  Please contact us at DSN: 480-5911/Commercial 06371-47-5911 to schedule an appointment.

The Department of Defense offers MilTax software through Military OneSource.  MilTax consulting, preparation and e-filing services are available now through mid-October.  Services are 100% free for military members, their spouses and surviving spouses.  MilTax is military friendly and built to account for deployments, combat and training pay, housing and rentals, multistate filings, living OCONUS and more.  This platform can be accessed at the following website:


You must register and create a login.  After you create your login, the MilTax software walks you through the process of entering information needed based on current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state requirements. You may file up to three state returns for free (if needed) with MilTax.  MilTax tax consultants are tax experts who are trained to understand the unique circumstances related to the military and are available to answer your questions along the way.

The IRS also oversees 8 free platforms you can use to prepare your taxes: 



3. https://                                                  






**There are also a few tax preparation services at the Exchange and in the local KMC area that can assist eligible patrons.  However, these services are not free.**


1.  The due date for filing your federal individual income tax return is generally April 15 of each year OR April 18 (to account for any potential holidays).

2.  Being overseas, you get an automatic extension of 2 months to file your taxes.  For example:  If taxes are due on April 15, you did not file, and you are overseas, you have until June 16 to do so.

3.  However, if you are going to owe money to the IRS, you must file your taxes by the original filing date (April 15 or 18 stateside and June 16 or 19 overseas), if not, you will be charged interest (incurred daily) by the IRS on the amount owed.

4.  To avoid interest, you must submit an automatic extension form (IRS Form 4868) to the IRS paying your debt in advance.  This can be done on and the above sites listed.

5.  If you still cannot file your taxes by the original and/or the automatic extension date (whichever applicable), you must submit Form 4868 to get more time. You have until October 16 to submit Form 4868.

6.  Most letters sent to you by the IRS are for informational purposes or to correct any errors you or the IRS made in the tax filling process. Please read the letter and respond accordingly.  Usually, there is no cause for alarm.