Winter weather – stay informed, stay safe

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  • By 86th Airlift Wing public affairs
As winter weather gets into full swing and affects road conditions on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis, it's important to understand how to safely operate vehicles on KMC roads. One of the best ways is to stay informed on what the current road condition is at your installation, and "how it works."

What are road conditions based on?

The various road conditions on installations throughout the KMC are based on the recommendations of security forces, military police and school officials to installation commanders.

Different installations often have different conditions. Community members should use their own discretion when dealing with non-priority or secondary roads, as conditions from town to town often vary widely. Those who face unsafe driving conditions where they live should contact their chain of command for further guidance/instruction to make the safest possible decision within mission requirements.

Where do I go to find out my installation's ROADCON, or if schools, school buses and Air Force facilities are delayed or closed?

School delay or closure information will apply to all schools throughout the KMC equally. School delay decisions are made no later than 4:30 a.m., and early release is decided no later than 10:30 a.m.

Ramstein's public Web site has information for all of the above. Visit the main page at and click on the "Winter Weather Update" graphic on the right side of the page. Information on our "Winter Weather Information" page is the best and most current resource.

How is late reporting or early release decided and how will I be notified?

The procedure for late reporting and early release from KMC installations has changed from last year's winter season. If your installation is in Road Condition RED, late reporting/early release will be a unit commander decision. If unsure about reporting instructions, individuals should contact their chain of command as "base-wide" reporting instructions or an early release announcement will not be made.

What do the different road conditions mean?

Green: Normal driving for all vehicles. Normal operations and all base services are open.
Amber: Roads are moderately hazardous, so exercise caution. Most installation operations and services are open.
Red: Roads are very hazardous. Exercise extreme caution and limit your driving to only essential trips to and from work.
Black: This is the worst condition, as roads are extremely dangerous. Air Force installations are closed and POVs should not be on the roads.

Where else can I go for more information?

Community members can also call the "Cold" line at DSN 480-COLD (2653) or Comm 06371-47-2653 where a voice-messaging service will provide the current road condition.
Tune in to AFN Radio 100.2 FM or visit Ramstein's official Facebook page at for additional details and up-to-the-minute community reporting as members often share or post additional information regarding particular weather impacts or closures.