COVID-19: Rainbows of hope

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jennifer Gonzales
  • 86th Airlift Wing

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people around the globe have been restricted to their homes, schools have closed and traveling has been limited.

Physical distancing can make it difficult to interact with friends and family. Children, especially, may find it particularly difficult to be apart from their friends.

Because of the current restrictive conditions, a new trend blossomed throughout Europe. Children and adults began displaying artwork of rainbows with phrases such as, ‘everything will be fine,’ ‘stay healthy’ and ‘you’re not alone.’ The messages of hope and resilience can be seen on sidewalks, windows, balconies and doors. The artwork most commonly seen are chalk drawings on concrete, paintings on paper and some are displayed on bed sheets which are hung facing the street.

According to, the movement started in Italy on March 14 as a creative outlet by children. The trend exploded on Instagram and has since spread all over the world. Here in Germany, it’s known as ‘Regenbogen Aktion’ or ‘Rainbow Campaign’. The rainbows allow children to connect with one another while providing comfort with knowing they’re not alone.

Although physical distancing remains paramount, that shouldn’t mean children can’t go hunting for these rainbows. This could be an opportunity to spark creativity and join the sensation.

As a result of the campaign, institutions, organizations and businesses across the country also joined in and are adding rainbows to their doors and windows to boost morale.

In these trying times, children have remained resilient by proving you’re never too little to make a big difference.