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786th FSS makes major changes to their services

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Joshua Magbanua
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The 786th Force Support Squadron revamped three of its processes starting Feb. 1, at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

Annette Davenport, 786th Force Support Squadron chief of customer support, said her simplified the process of scheduling appointments at the MPF, renewing dependents’ I.D. cards, and reforming the Ramstein out-processing brief.

The first of the three projects involved adding DoD I.D. card appointments and other MPF functions onto the Appointment Plus scheduling website. Customers wishing to obtain a new I.D. card no longer need to make phone calls or send an email to the I.D. Card Office to schedule appointments, said Davenport.

Appointment Plus has existed already at Ramstein for the past year. The website allows customers to make appointments for classes, seminars, and briefings without having to call or walk in to a certain office.

The 786th FSS also released a new process for military and civilian sponsors to renew their dependents’ I.D. cards. Dependent ID Online (DIDO) allows sponsors to renew their dependents’ ID cards without needing to visit the MPF. Sponsors simply upload all required documents through AMRDEC and digitally sign a DD Form 1172-2.

The MPF will create a new Dependent ID card and contact the sponsor when the card is ready for pick-up. Dependents can then pick up their new ID card by themselves and have the ability to make a single appointment to pick up all Dependent IDs. The new process significantly reduces the amount of time dependents and sponsors have to spend to waiting for a new Dependent ID. Unfortunately, the new process is only available for dependent IDs at this time.

“It’s easier for the customers because they don’t have to send us an email or call us during duty hours,” Davenport said referring to Appointment Plus. “In addition, DIDO frees them up to stay at their job if they’re working something hot. They’re not bound by (business) hours and don’t have to accompany their dependents to get a new ID card. They can simply do it when they get home.”

Besides making major changes in how I.D. renewal will be made, the 786th FSS also made the Ramstein Out-Processing brief completely web-based.

Capt. Jessica Gelsomino, 786th FSS military personnel flight commander, said that members who are out-processing from Ramstein will receive a link to slide presentation which would serve as their briefing.

“They no longer have to go in person to the out-processing brief,” Gelsomino said. “They would watch the entire slideshow online and (afterward) notify the out-processing team. If they have questions, the slides provide points of contact for their (respective) organization. On Feb. 1, the in-person out-processing brief will go away.”

While the initial briefing will be web-based, members are still required to attend the in-person final out, Capt Gelsomino added.

Both Davenport and Gelsomino cited efficiency and simplicity as the reason for the innovations taking place concerning their squadron’s new processes.

Turning to a more web-based approach will help lighten the burden of their staff as well as their customers and free them to focus on other tasks, Davenport said.