Holiday Crime Prevention

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Clare Hilborn
  • 569th United States Forces Police Squadron
Christmas will be here in no time, and with that comes an increase in crime. To help prevent becoming a victim during the holiday season, the 569th United States Forces Police Squadron suggests these holiday safety tips to help prevent theft and break-ins.

If you’re travelling for the holidays, be sure to let someone know. Ask a neighbor or a landlord if they are willing to clear snow from your vehicle and driveway. They can also empty your mail box or turn lights on to make it look like someone is still home.

Many families put their Christmas trees up right after the Thanksgiving. Placing your Christmas tree in front of the window with the curtains open can be a temptation for thieves to take a look in your window to see what is under or around the tree. Also, if you’re trying to keep children from going through new gifts, your car is not a good place to store them. Thieves look for easy targets and will take items whether your vehicle is locked or not. Ensure your vehicle is secured and items are out of sight.

It’s smart to be aware of your garbage as well. Items like video gaming systems, electronics, jewelry and shoes are high value and can be an invitation for a criminal to attempt to gain entry into your home since they know what is inside.

Always be sure to double lock your house doors. With German doors, if you shut the door it will appear secured, but if you do not turn the key and engage the locking mechanism, the door can easily be broken into as the latch is not strong enough to withstand force.

If you find yourself a victim of crime or see something suspicious this holiday season, you can always contact the Kaiserslautern Military Community Law Enforcement desk by dialing 0631-536-6060 or DSN 489-6060, and for all emergencies, on or off base, please dial 112.