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Civilian Personnel Flight   The Civilian Personnel Section is committed to providing quality services
  in a professional, caring and consistent manner. In providing these
  services, we are dedicated to clear communication, progressive thinking
  and resourceful solutions toward meeting Air Force goals and objectives.

  Bldg. 2120
  DSN: 480-5850 (US Customer Service)
  Local Commercial Number: 06371-47-5850
  U.S. to overseas: 011-49-6371-47-5850
  E-Mail: 86fss.fseciviliancustomerservice@us.af.mil
  DSN: 480-7153 (Non-US Customer Service)
  Local Commercial Number: 06371-47-7153
                                                                                     DSN: 480-5362 (Non-US Job Announcements) 
                                                                                     Local Commercial Number: 06371-47-5362

Coronavirus Info

Telework Travel Restrictions
HAF/A1 & USAFE/A1 HR Flexibilities During COVID-19 Transition to Conditions-based Phased Approach -
Personnel Movement and Travel Restrictions
86 AW Memo - LN Temporary Situational Telework Civilian Travel and Leave Decision Chart (12-Jun)
RAB I - LN Situational Telework Shop Agreement 
(Engl+Ger+Attch Part 1-4)
SECDEF Memo - Transition to Conditions-Based Approach to
COVID-19 Movement and Travel Restrictions
RAB II - LN Situational Telework Shop Agreement 
(Engl+Ger+AttchPart 1-4)
HAF/A1C PCS & Travel FAQs (20-Mar)
Situational Telework Guidance – UPDATE #2 AFPC Travel Restrictions Exception Process
Telework Guidance 86  AW Travel Restriction Exception Memo (8-Jun)
HAF/A1C Telework Fact Sheet (Mar 2020) USAFE Delegation of Authority - Travel Approvals
COVID-19 Telework Flexibility Chart DTMO COVID-19 Travel Q&As (Civ & Mil) (1-May)
Leave FAQ Travel Restrictions (20-Apr)
***NEW*** Exception to Expiration of Time-Off Awards (TOAs)
- US APF and LN Civilian Employees
SAF FM Coronavirus Q&As (12-Mar)
Civilian Travel and Leave Decision Chart (12-Jun) Force Health Protection Guidance (11-Mar)
German Infection Protection Act Update - LN Childcare Compensation  
Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) -
- INTERIM Guidance - UPDATE #1 - OPM & HAF Guidance
Other Guidance
HAF/A1 Families First Coronavirus Response
Act (FFCRA) Fact Sheet
***NEW*** Guidance and FAQs on Testing of
US Civilian Employees for COVID-19
(25 Jun)
OPM Summary of Emergency Paid Sick
Leave Act (EPSLA)
Termination: DAF Execution of Global Authorized Departure
DoL FFCRA Notice DoD Guidance (25-Mar)
HAF_A1_OUSD Guidance - Weather and Safety Leave
During COVID-19 - US APF & NAF Employees
86 AW Work Status Impacts (15-Mar)
OUSD Flexibilities Matrix - Weather and Safety Leave SAF FM Coronavirus Q&As (12-Mar)
Notice of Approval of Weather and Safety Leave (21-Apr) DCPAS Civilian Personnel Guidance (9-Mar)
Weather and Safety Leave Self-Certification Memo (21-Apr) DoD Civilian Personnel Guidance (8-Mar)
Verification of COVID-19 Medical Risk Factors (14-Apr) NAF Guidance for Exposure to Communicable Diseases
USAFE/A1K Guidance - Local National (LN) High Risk Groups (COVID-19) LN Guidance Coronavirus GER_ENGL
HAF/A1C - Restoration of Forfeited Civilian Annual Leave (28-May) Alternative Work Schedules
Exception - Transfer of CY2019 LN Annual Leave beyond 31 Mar 2020 86 AW Alternative Work Schedule (AWS)
COVID-19 Leave Guidance Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) Handbook
COVID-19 Leave Flexibility Chart (US_LN_NAF)  

U.S. Program Information


*Note: External Applicants Seeking Employment. You are considered an external applicant if: you are not a current permanent federal civil service employee, not an Air Force civil service employee or you are a permanent appropriated fund employee currently on Leave without Pay (LWOP) who has relocated to a foreign location with a military or civilian sponsor under the authority of permanent change of station (PCS) orders (AIR FORCE PAMPHLET 36-213).

   1. USA Jobs
   2. AFPC Web site
   3. Military Spouse Preference Fact Sheet
   4. Eligibility Guide *NEW
   5. Passport information
   6. Inprocessing checklist
   7. Links
       -Ramstein Newcomer's Page
       -The Kaiserslautern American
       -Military One Source
       -DoD Household Goods Portal
       -Defense Travel Management
       -AFN Kaiserslautern
   8. Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) Eligibility Determination
   9. New Employee Onboarding Information
*Note: If you would like information on the contracting companies in Germany or would like employment, contact DSN: 314-480-5850 or commercial 011-49-6371-47-5850.


    1. Priority Placement Program
    2. Employee Management Relations
    3. FMLA
    4. Equal Opportunity Office
    5. Outprocessing checklist: Sponsor
    6. Outprocessing checklist: Family Members
    7. ID Card lost/stolen
    8. VERA/VSIP Program Information
    9. Tour Extension Request
   10. Ramstein AB Admin Grievance System
   11. AFPC Civilian Town Hall CAO


   2. DCPDS portal
   3. AFPC Classification
   4. Ramstein AB Civilian Interview Guide
   5. Succession Planning
   6. Ramstein - Executive Onboarding Plan - Supevisors
   7. Ramstein - Executive Onboarding Plan - Employee