Host Nation Advisor

Morón Air Base has a Host Nation Advisor that provides support to our community in Spanish law matters, consulate services and other related topics. In addition, Mrs. Alicia Petty Leal can help you process your Número de Identidad de Extranjero (N.I.E.). The NIE is required for vehicle purchases, to sign a MoviStar contract, to establish a Spanish bank account and to enroll a student in a Spanish local high school (13 years and older).

Contact your sponsor before reaching out to Mrs. Petty Leal for any questions about the local area or otherwise. As stated previously, she is our point of contact with the Consular Agency of the United States in Seville.

Host Nation Advisor
Bldg 101, room 114B
COM: +34-955-84-8301, +34-659-46-6235

Legal Services/Notary

65 ABG/JA at Lajes Field provides legal support for Morón Air Base. While not physically present at Morón Air Base, they are available to assist with any legal questions. The 65 ABG legal team also makes quarterly visits to Morón Air Base to provide in-person consultations for personal and/or civil legal matters, wills, powers of attorney, and notaries. For members facing disciplinary action, the servicing Area Defense Counsel is located at Ramstein Air Base and can be reached at DSN 314-480-2182 or
Legal Services Office
DSN: 314-535-3546

Civil Engineering Self Help

Located in building 207, CE Self-Help is a base facility established for use by all Military Family Housing occupants and designated primary/alternate building managers. Materials and tools borrowed from CE Self-Help are for minor maintenance and repair of government facilities or equipment, to include base homes.

All borrowed items must be signed for by authorized personnel. Dependents may sign for a sponsor. Items may be borrowed for up to 72 hours and must be returned in good/clean condition. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. For example, Military Family Housing (MFH) residents may borrow garden implements for the duration or their residence.
Items include gardening tools, lawn mower, leaf blower, shovels, etc. Hand and power tools are also available and will be issued with proper safety gear. HVAC filters and replacement light bulbs are available to MFH residents.

Lastly, CE Self Help provides loaner cable boxes and satellite dishes to both MFH residents and off-base residents; for those looking to stay connected via the Air Force Network (AFN).

Civil Engineering Self Help
Bldg 207
Mon-Fri 1300-1600
DSN: 722-8179/8162
COM: +34-955-84-8179