Emergency Services

● Emergencies on-base dial 9-1-1 from your DSN number
● Emergencies in Spain or within the Eurozone dial from any phone 1-1-2
● Morón AB Operator Comm: +34-955-84-1110 , DSN: 314-722-1110

Morón AB Medical Aid Station

There is a medical aid station at Morón Air Base that provides basic support to military members, such as sick call, short term prescriptions, and initial primary care. The Medical Aid Station is for military members only. There is no on-base hospital.

For more detailed information from the Morón Medical Aid Station team, please click here to review the Welcome Letter.

Moron Medical Aid Station
DSN: 722-8069
COM: +34-955-84-8069

Tricare International SOS

Tricare International SOS will be the medical insurance for active duty and dependents while overseas. Be sure to download the MyCare Overseas mobile app. This app provides 24/7 assistance, can help with appointments and referrals, medical translations, and more. For more information go to the Tricare ISOS App website.

TRICARE ISOS Customer Service Toll Free: +34 900 812 193 (call from any Spanish phone)
TRICARE ISOS Toll Free Medical Assistance: +34 800 900 551 (call from any Spanish phone)
TRICARE ISOS Website: www.tricare-overseas.com

Santa Angela de la Cruz Viamed Hospital in Sevilla

As members of the Morón Air Base community, we have an arrangement with Santa Angela de la Cruz Viamed Hospital in Sevilla. They have a Central International Patient Department that can assist members and families set up appointments, referrals, and translation services.

Prior to making an appointment, you must contact Tricare Overseas Customer Service to get your authorization. Tricare will send both you and the hospital a copy of the “Authorization Letter.” Please ensure that they send your request to Santa Angela de la Cruz Viamed Hospital in Sevilla.
The Central International Patient Department On-Call Mobile is (+34) 620-432-398, Email: imu@viamedsantaangeladelacruz.com

COM: +34-900-81-2193
Email: tricaretln.top@in-ternationalsos.com 

Moron & Utrera Emergency Rooms

There are also two Emergency Rooms in the bigger nearby towns, Moron and Utrera.

Hospital de Alta Resolución de Morón de la Frontera
Plaza San Francisco, s/n, 41530 Morón de la Frontera, Sevilla
COM: +34955-40-24-82

Hospital de Alta Resolución de Utrera
Av. Brigadas Internacionales, 0, 41710 Utrera, Sevilla
COM: +34-955-83-90-01

Rota U.S. Naval Hospital Rota

The hospital at Naval Station Rota offers medical services for military members and their families on a space-available basis, and appointments are subject to change at a moment’s notice. This option should only be used if local area providers cannot provide the care required.
U.S. Naval Hospital Rota
PSC 819 Box 18 FPO, AE 09645-0018
DSN: 727-3305
COM: +34-956-82-3620

Other services

Morón Air Base does not have a pharmacy. However, there are plenty of pharmacies in nearby towns, easily recognized due to the green cross displayed outside their entrance. All towns in Spain are required to have a pharmacy open 24/7. Each pharmacy will have a list posted, stating where to find the 24/7 pharmacy for that day.

Twice a year, a dental team from Ramstein Air Base travels to Morón Air Base to provide dental cleanings, and to complete dental requirements for active-duty members.

Ensure you and your family are enrolled in a dental insurance plan to receive dental benefits. Currently, United Concordia is the insurance provider for the US Air Force. Before visiting a dentist, we recommend calling United Concordia to ensure your dental costs will be reimbursed. Keep in mind, virtually no local dentists accept United Concordia and you will almost certainly have to pay out-of-pocket. Be sure to keep the receipt, get an authorization, print the required claim manually and submit it to United Concordia for reimbursement.

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