University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC)

UMGC Europe is a non-profit regionally accredited university that offers students the opportunity to complete coursework in a variety of different degree programs. UMGC Europe offers five certificate programs, nine associate degree programs, twenty-one bachelor’s degree programs, and five graduate degree programs.

Furthermore, UMGC maximizes the use of military training, providing the fastest path to earning an associate degree. Students located in Europe also have the opportunity to enroll in UMGC stateside classes and degree programs. Here at Morón Air Base, they offer limited face-to-face classes several times throughout the academic year. Students are also welcome to participate in the many online classes that UMGC offers in Europe, Asia, or stateside.

Face-to-face Spanish classes are offered at Morón Air Base, and both Active Duty Military members and their family members can enroll.

University of Maryland - Moron


Seville Elementary and Middle School (SEMS) provides education services to students in kindergarten through 8th grade. The school has four multi-grade general education classrooms (kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, fourth and fifth grade, and sixth and seventh and eighth grade) and five special classes (Host Nation, Art Enrichment, Health and Exercise, Technology, and Music Counseling).

High school students (grades 9th-12th) can either, be bussed (3 - 4 hours round-trip per school day) to David G. Farragut High School at Naval Station Rota (Rota HS), attend local Spanish schools without financial assistance from DoDEA, or enroll in homeschooling.

SEMS offers various afterschool clubs and family activities throughout the school year. The school’s website has contact information. Click the linked words to learn more about the curriculum, enrollment, and DoDEA.

Homeschool is not authorized in Spain (and most of Europe); however, under the SOFA agreement, U.S. military families stationed in Spain may be allowed to participate in homeschooling. Students that are homeschooled may continue to be enrolled at Sevilla Elementary/Middle School or Rota Middle/High School and be provided access to school resources.

In addition, there are multiple options for Spanish schools, including day care, public school, publicly funded independent school “charter school”, private school, and international school.

Academic equivalents:





3 y/o



4 y/o



5 y/o



6 y/o

1st grade ELEMENTARY


7 y/o

2nd grade ELEMENTARY


8 y/o

3rd grade ELEMENTARY


9 y/o

4th grade ELEMENTARY


10 y/o

5th grade ELEMENTARY


11 y/o

6TH grade MIDDLE


12 y/o

7th grade MIDDLE


13 y/o

8TH grade MIDDLE


14 y/o

9th grade HIGH SCHOOL


15 y/o

10th grade HIGH SCHOOL


16 y/o

11th grade HIGH SCHOOL


17 y/o

12th grade HIGH SCHOOL


18-22 y/o




Spanish public schools are in high demand; to ensure access, it is highly recommended to enroll your child as soon as the school registration process begins. Pre-enrollment takes place in March (April for daycare). You will need these documents: child’s birth certificate and passport (copy), parent’s passports (copy), and child’s vaccination records.


If considering a Spanish private school for your child(ren) please keep in mind, private schools set their own admission policy; they have the freedom to establish the criteria they consider to be pertinent. When applying for admission, families will be asked to present their child’s educational records and a school report (if applicable). Additionally, the child will take an admission test prior to being enrolled.

Families wishing to homeschool or participate in the Spanish school system are highly encouraged to register with the School Liaison Program Manager.

Seville Elementary and Middle School (SEMS)

Unit 6582

DSN: 722-8464

COM: +34-955-84-8464

Rota Middle High School (DGF)

PSC 819 Box 63 FPO, AE 09645-0063, Spain

DSN: 727-4181

COM: 34-956-82-4181

From US: 011-34-956-82-4181/4183

School Liaison Program Manager

The School Liaison Program Manager is the main point of contact and vital link between families, schools, community stakeholders, and the installation. The SLPM is committed to outreach, advocacy, and partnership initiatives that generate real-time solutions for military-connected students in grades PreK-12 as they face global educational challenges and transitions.

The School Liaison Program Manager assists with registration process, school information, communication between families and schools, homeschool support, and inbound/outbound process during PCS moves. The SLPM also provides information about local daycares, pre-schools, summer camps, and after school activities. If you have a child dependent, regardless of age, please check in with the SLPM upon arrival.

School Liaison Program Manager

Bldg. 106, room 30

DSN: 722-8044

COM: +34-955-84-8044


Other Information

Other important information for parents to consider before PCSing to Morón Air Base:

  • Morón AB is a small Geographically Separated Unit (GSU) with no Child and Youth Program (CYP) services (Child Development Center (CDC), School Age Care (SAC), or Youth Programs).
  • If you are a single parent or dual military with school-age children, you may need to re-evaluate your volunteer status for this assignment and/or accompanied status.
  • Extracurricular activities and summer/winter camps are offered in the local area. Transportation services are not included.
  • Spanish education may not be aligned with U.S. standards and benchmarks. Parents are responsible for transferring the student’s transcripts.
  • SE/MS cannot currently support students on IEP or with any special needs.