Passenger Travel Section

TMO/SATO makes arrangements and provides reservations and ticketing for all official travel arrangements.

Getting Tickets

To start the process of receiving your tickets for PCSing the member must have received a port call request form from outbound assignments. Once completed the member will send the form to The travel will be based off the member’s completed port call request form. (Blank Port Call Request Form)

The AMC rotator is the first means of travel and must be utilized when PCSing. The AMC rotator itineraries will be issued through email once they have been booked.  


If members are bringing a pet along please remember that pets are defined as cats and dogs only. Please keep in mind that if pet spaces are unavailable or the pet exceeds weight restrictions (to include kennel/container), the traveler is solely responsible for shipping the pet with a commercial airline carrier. It is the member’s responsibility to contact the commercial airline to book their pet(s).

Please note that Non-availability of AMC and or commercial pet space is not grounds for members to deviate from the DoD order of precedence outlined in paragraph 2.3. Reference DoD 4500-9-R, Part I, Chapter 103, paragraph J1. 

Commercial Air

For ticket reservation please contact Sato travel via email. Please make sure your government travel card is working and has the proper amount of funds loaded against it. Please call PAX office to determine if commercial travel is needed and if so please send those request to Sato travel at Commercial tickets will be issued 3 duty days prior to your scheduled departure date. 

Every customer who goes TDY must have orders and they must initiate start the process within DTS. If the member is requesting to fly with a low cost carrier, he/she just does the orders in DTS and select CTO assist so that SATO can book them with a low cost carrier.


For PCS, EL, Deployments TMO will submit the commercial to SATO if flights are required. The only time SATO should receive commercial requests is when it is for Student Travel, Renewal Travel, Deferred COT and Inplace COT.  For PCS travelers, send request leave tickets through SATO office if on official orders.


Contact Information

Phone: 480-5373 or 480-5374
Sato Email: 
Sato Phone: 06371-98-190
Location of Both: Building 2108(closest to dining facility)