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ASACS is a comprehensive program providing prevention education and counseling services to 11 to 19 year-old ID card holders in the military community. ASACS's mission is to provide comprehensive counseling services to adolescents and military families stationed OCONUS while enhancing military readiness and quality of life.

In addition, ASACS offers Life Skills classes that promote health and personal development in the Department of Defense schools. We participate in supportive activities related to military life transitions as well as providing individual, group and family counseling services.

ASACS Counselors offices are located in Department of Defense schools for the convenience of military families. ASACS counseling services are completely confidential. Flexible appointment times are available.

Location: Counselors' offices are located in Ramstein Middle and High Schools
Hours: Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: RHS 478-8212 or 06371-405-8212 and
RMS 480-7104/7105 or 06371-47-7104/7105
ASACS Prevention Website: http://green.rms.kdso.eportalnow.net

The equal opportunity program promotes a positive human relations climate, free from sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion or sex (also age, mental/physical disability, equal pay, GINA, and retaliation for civilian employees). The EO program is a function of leadership and command. The goal is to enhance unit cohesiveness, military readiness, and mission accomplishment.

Location: Kapaun Air Station, Bldg. 2787 first floor
Contact: 489-8534 or 0631-536-8534

Equal Opportunity Services

Offers experienced Community Readiness Consultants that are able to bring any program or service that we offer in our center into the squadron. Community Readiness Consultants also take individual appointments for more personal services. A key resource on your installation and a gateway to accessing all of the resources available to you, they provide information, support and services to help you balance the demands of family and the military lifestyle.

Location: Ramstein AB A&FRC, Bldg. 2120
Phone: DSN 480-5100 or commercial 06371475100
More information on programs offered by A&FRC

The Family Advocacy Program helps build healthy communities through implementing programs designed for the prevention and treatment of child and partner abuse.

Family Advocacy also assists couples and families develop and sustain healthy relationships through providing trainings and counseling services.

Location: Bldg 2121 3rd floor
To register or for more info, call the number below.
Phone: 479-2370 or 06371-46-2370

Active Parenting of Tweens/Teens
Parenting With Love and Logic (all ages)
Tame Your Temper (Anger Management)
Healthy Relationships
Relax Already! (Stress Management)
Dad's 101 Bootcamp
Marriage Links-Nurture Your Marriage
The 5 Love Languages
Who Moved My Cheese? Coping with Change

Chaplains are available to provide counseling to all military members, their dependents, and authorized Department of Defense civilians. Communication with a chaplain as either a formal act of religion or a matter of conscience is considered privileged communication in accordance with Military Rule of Evidence 503.

Under this rule, "a person has a privilege to refuse to disclose and to prevent another from disclosing a confidential communication by the person to a clergyman or to a clergyman's assistant."

Important phone numbers:

North Chapel - (DSN) 480-6148
Bldg 1201 (Comm) 06371-47-6148

South Chapel--(DSN) 480-5753
Bldg 2403 (Comm) 06371-47-5753

Vogelweh Chapel--(DSN) 489-6859
Bldg 2063 (comm) 0631-536-6859

Your professionally trained RTT staff provides a single point of access to your travel needs, including assistance in finding entertainment specific to your desires. Contact us over the phone or via e-mail, or visit the RTT office in person.

Location: KMC Center, Building 3336
Phone: DSN 480-6330/6650 or commercial 06371-46360
Website: http://www.rtttravel.com/

Youth centers offer a wide range of educationally enhanced programs, instructional classes and events, providing a safe and fun environment supervised by caring and well-trained staff.

Website: https://www.86fss.com/family-and-youth/airman-family-services
More information on youth programs