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Pet Licensing and Vet services

Updated Sept. 20, 2018

Licensing and Vet Services
Upon arrival, pets must be registered with the animal disease prevention and control facility at the Kaiserslautern Veterinary clinic on Pulaski Barracks (Vogelweh Military Complex), Bldg. 2928. At that time you receive a rabies certificate and tags for the pet. Veterinary Services Appointments are required at military veterinary services and emergency care is not available.

Download this pet registration form and fill it out. Afterward send it to this email address: usarmy.landstuhl.medcom-ph-e.mbx.vmce@mail.mil

Kaiserslautern Veterinary Clinic: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment only; DSN: 493-4444 or 0631-3406-4444.

Once you are settled, you should find a German vet in case of after-hours emergencies. The military vet clinics have listings of local German vets.

Animals in Germany -- German law requires that the identification tag be worn on the animal at all times. Rabies certification must be kept current. When not confined, a dog must be on a leash.

Housing: Finding housing with a pet is no more difficult than in the States--some landlords will accept them, some will not. An additional security deposit may be required. Germans love animals and a properly behaved dog on a leash can bring a smile to most. Note the words "properly behaved" and "leash;" again, courtesy and self-discipline are prominent aspects of the society.

Pet insurance: Animals are not allowed to run loose in Germany. Rabies is a problem in Germany, so if you plan to bring your pet, plan for it to live in the house or a fenced yard and only stay outside in a carrier or on a leash. As a pet owner, you are liable for any damage your pet may do--anything from digging up your landlord's flowerbed to causing a car to hit a telephone pole while veering to miss the animal. Most insurance companies offer pet liability insurance at a nominal fee.

Pet Examination Fee: Beginning Feb. 1, pet owners arriving at the Ramstein Passenger Terminal will be assessed a 55 Euro veterinarian examination fee in accordance with European Union Ordinance #998/2003. The fee will be charged per household, not per pet. The fee is not reimbursable on travelers orders and will be payable by credit card only.

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