Vehicle Registration

The Vehicle Processing Center consists of three SEPARATE entities:

Vehicle Registration - 569th USFPS

International Auto Logistics - Shipping office

86 Kapaun Vehicle Safety Inspection - 86th VRS (Find more information here.)

Please keep in mind that Vehicle Registration handles hundreds of customers a day so we apologize if we are unable to answer the phone when you call. We are currently assisting customers at our desks. Emailing our org. box is the best way to contact us:


Closed for all federal holidays/observances, all USAFE and 86th AW down days and from 0700 to 1100 on the last duty day of the month.

Location: Kapaun AS, Bldg. 2806
Days of Operation (Main Station): Monday - Friday
Main Station Hours of Operation:
Walk-ins:  0700 – 1500 
Get in line by using the 2meter app: or use the QR code below! The queue opens at 0645 and closes at 1430, depending on number of customers in the queue. You can join the queue from anywhere with a mobile device via computer, laptop, or cellular device etc.

Click here for a flowchart of all Vehicle Registration transactions (DO NOT SCROLL ON THE PDF. CLICK ON THE IMAGES.)

**Please coordinate with insurance company at least 1-2 days prior to coming in to ensure it is in the system by time you come and get serviced.**
Contact your insurance company and request a “blank insurance card”. 
-USAA and Mirascon (Geico) are digital, the insurance company will send electronically to HQ Sembach and they will input the insurance into the system.  Hard copy insurance cards from these companies will not be accepted. 
-Local insurance companies (ie.  Westfaelische/HUK, and Allianz) will issue a hardcopy “blank insurance card” to bring into Vehicle Registration office. If the insurance company sends to you via email, it will need to be printed and brought to registration office.
-When changing plates you need a new blank insurance card.

KAPAUN AS, Bldg. 2807 (Substation)
All registration renewals, registration updates, and temporary to permanent plate transactions are done at the Substation on a walk-in basis.

** Registration renewals require a NEW vehicle safety inspection done within the last 30 days. **

Days of Operation (Substation): Monday - Friday

Walk-ins:  0700 – 1130 and 1230 – 1500

First Sergeants or Commanders must contact us via email to have you scheduled.
DSN: 489-7542; +49-631-536-7542
Kapun NIPR:
Sembach NIPR:
Sembach Comm: 0611-143-542-2021
Sembach DSN: 542-2021

Global Auto Logistics
Kapaun AS, Bldg 2806
Hours: 0800-1600 Monday – Friday
Commercial: +49 (0) 631 – 3579-0088
DSN: 489-7750


Registration renewal form
AEF190-1AA Example Form

Vehicle Sales/Junking
RMV Bill of Sale

Driver's License
Application for International Driver's License

Non-Op/Temporary Plate
AF Non-Op Waiver
3rd Temp Memo Sample

Additional Fuel/Driver Additions
AEF190-1AG Additional POV
AEF600-17A Request for Additional Fuel

Agent Owner
Agent Command Memo Sample
Agent's Responsibilities
190-1AD Agent Owner Special Power of Attorney

Handicap Plates
AE FM 190-1AW Handicap


Note: IAW 190-1 para. 3-1.e, A general POA will only be accepted to register/de-register a POV only if the grantee is the spouse of the registrant or registered co-owner.


The sponsor must be present for the initial registration of a POV, regardless of who legally owns the vehicle. If the sponsor is unavailable, the spouse can register the POV with a general or special POA.