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Civilian Development

Article by Ms. Fischer, 86 MSG Vice Director

Build AirmenCivilian Development Forum Update

Building Airmen is a top priority for the 86 AW and I’m excited to announce that the “Civilian Development Forum” will soon integrate under the Ramstein Professional Development Center!  This will provide many more training and development opportunities throughout the entire year for our civilian Airmen, while ensuring effective use of resources and personnel.   

Upcoming events see below.

Web Based Civilian Development 2022 Meeting ID Passcode Use Meeting ID/Passcode for all sessions
161 428 6747 999999 Enter the event
15 Minutes prior to start time
  Date Time Presentation
Emotional Intelligence 24-Feb-22 1100-1200 Emotional Intelligence
DPMAP 31-Mar-22 1100-1200
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 28-Apr-22 1100-1200
15 Invaluable Laws of Growth 26-May-22 1100-1200
TBD 30-Jun-22 1100-1200  
TBD 28-Jul-22 1100-1200  
TBD 25-Aug-22 1100-1200  
TBD 29-Sep-22 1100-1200  
TBD 27-Oct-22 1100-1200  
TBD TBD 1100-1200  


Web Based Civilian Development 2021 
  Date Time Presentation
Performance Appraisal  25-Mar-21 1100-1200 Appraisals and Performance Awards
US Overseas Employment 101 29-Apr-21 1100-1200
Cultural Differences 26-May-21 1100-1200
Training & Education 24-Jun-21 1100-1200
US and Non-US Leave 29-Jul-21 1100-1200 US and Non-US Leave
SAMPLE Leave Plan 2021
True Colors – pure Edutainment. Your life will never be the same again. 26-Aug-21 1100-1200 Postponed


In-Residence Courses at Ramstein (on Hold)
  Date Time




Questions, Ideas or Suggestions?

Email us @ ✉ Org Box – Civilian Development: