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Supervisory Training Courses

In-Residence Courses at Ramstein

Civilian Personnel Management Course (CPMC- NUS)          Start-Date End-Date
Register here    21-Jul-20 23-Jul-20
Register here    20-Oct-20 22-Oct-20
Register here    1-Dec-20 3-Dec-20

If you are unable to use the registration links above, please email the course dates, your rank, full name, organization,
phone number, and E-Mail address to  86FSS.Civ.-Supervisor-Training@us.af.mil

USAF New Supervisor Course (NSC) German  Start-Date End-Date
***NEW***   17-Aug-20 21-Aug-20
USAF Experienced Supervisors Course (ESC) German Start-Date End-Date
  27-Oct-20 30-Oct-20
***NEW*** 3-Nov-20 6-Nov-20
  8-Dec-20 11-Dec-20


 Web Based Supervisory Courses 

USAF New Supervisor Course (NSC)                                                        Register here    
USAF Experienced Supervisors Course (ESC) Register here 
USAF New Manager Course (NMC) Register here
USAF Experienced Manager Course (EMC) Register here 
USAF Emerging Leader Course (ELC) Register here
Military Personnel Management Course (MPMC) Register here 
NAF Personnel Management Course (NPMC) Register here