Supervisory Training Courses

In-Residence Courses at Ramstein
held via ZOOMgov until further notice)

Civilian Personnel Management Course (CPMC- NUS)          Start-Date End-Date
Register here    5-Apr-22 7-Apr-22
Register here    14-Jun-22 16-Jun-22

If you are unable to use the registration links above, please email the course dates, your rank, full name, organization,
phone number, and E-Mail address to

USAF New Supervisor Course (NSC) German  Start-Date End-Date
  TBD - FY 2022
USAF Experienced Supervisors Course (ESC) German Start-Date End-Date
  TBD - FY 2022


 Web Based Supervisory Courses 

DAF New Supervisor Course (NSC) - Fact Sheet                                                     Register here    
DAF Experienced Supervisors Course (ESC) - Fact Sheet Register here 
New Manager Course (NMC) - Fact Sheet Register here
Experienced Manager Course (EMC) Register here 
DAF Emerging Leader Course (ELC) Register here
Military Personnel Management Course (MPMC) - Fact Sheet Register here 
NAF Personnel Management Course (NPMC) Register here