Ramstein School-Age Program launches recycling, energy conservation campaign

  • Published
  • By Lani Nunez
  • Kool Kidz Express Torch Club
The Boys and Girls Clubs at the Ramstein School-Age Program announced the launch of a community-wide recycling and energy conservation campaign.

Spearheaded by The Kool Kidz Express Torch Club, a character and leadership program for Boys and Girls Club members ages 10 to 12, the Be Great! Be Green! Everyone campaign encourages youth and adults to learn and practice the three "Rs" of recycling -- recycle man-made materials, reduce waste and pollution and reuse everyday products.

It's important to teach everyone -- especially young people -- the importance of recycling and energy conservation. We chose recycling and energy conservation as the focus of our campaign, not only because our efforts will help protect the environment, but also because this type of activity can involve everyone in the community.

Our Torch Club will have out designated recycling cans for public use in the halls of the Ramstein School-Age Program building to reuse things such as aluminum cans, paper and plastic. We are also making a commercial for American Forces Network. The commercial will be about conserving energy.

Each year, Torch Club members work together to plan and implement a project that addresses an important community issue. In the process, Torch Club youth learn about the issue and share their knowledge with their fellow club members and communities. With the guidance of adults who mentor and empower them, members develop essential character traits and leadership skills as they learn to influence others in a positive way.

The Ramstein Boys and Girls Club, located at the Ramstein School-Age Program building, is one of many clubs nationally that are initiating recycling or other environmental projects.

Editor's note: Lani Nunez is a 10-year old student who is part of the Kool Kidz Express Torch Club leadership program.