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finance customer service


In an effort to eliminate and reduce customer wait times and increase process efficiency, the 86th Comptroller Squadron finance customer service team has implemented new and improved methodology to meet the demanding customer service needs of Team Ramstein and the Kaiserslautern Military Community.

For those new to the KMC, please take a moment to review some of the links and documents provided here to ease your transition to Germany. Much of the information required for newcomers and individuals PCSing can be found through this site, allowing you to accomplish your needs with one less in/outprocessing appointment.

Our commitment

Develop our Airmen as financial warriors while providing superior customer service.

Resource, Support & Deploy

Finance in-processing


Team Ramstein,

Starting 16 August 2021, all PCS in-processing will be performed in person at building 2108 on Ramstein Air Base.  Briefings will be held at 1400 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, excluding federal holidays and family days. Members stationed at GSUs outside the KMC area will still utilize e-Finance.

It is mandatory that members schedule an appointment within 5 working days of arrival.  Appointments must be booked by scanning the QR code below and selecting an available briefing date.

Items Needed:

  • Any receipts greater than $75
    • Any receipts for lodging and airfare
    • Receipts must be:
      • Itemized
      • In English
      • How it was paid (last 4 of CC number)
      • Member’s name (first and last)
  • DD788 –Scratch and Dent form from VPC
    • This is used for vehicle pick up or drop off
  • Full copy of your orders and amendments (front and back)
  • Memorandums for any delays during this PCS  
  • Letter in lieu of amendments (issued by MPF)
  • GTC Statement (to verify rates but these DO NOT replace actual receipts)
  • Dorm Resident BAS Certification (only for Airman living in the dorm)
  • Any delayed rotator (old tickets, new tickets, MFR from the PAX terminal)

Standard Payments:

  • Travel per diem, lodging, and mileage
  • Dislocation Allowance (DLA)
  • Charges any leave taken during your PCS or Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP) leave (MFR required)
  • Split disbursement to pay GTC charges
  • Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)
  • Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) (once completed with Housing Office)

Vouchers do not pay for:

  • TLA from a previous overseas base must be filed at the previous base’s Housing Office. TLA will be paid in your normal paycheck and will be reflected on your LES.
  • Food or Gas is paid in mileage and per diem. Do not claim this unless a rental car is authorized at a TDY.


For Ramstein-specific finance frequently asked questions, click here.
Please visit the Virtual Finance home page to access over 1,000 finance FAQs and other finance related information.

military pay

Retirements and Separations: Members must attend a mandatory briefing prior to retiring or separating.  Briefings are available every Tuesday and Thursday at 1400 in building 2108 (not including federal holidays and family days).  Members must bring a copy of their orders to the briefing.

Members stationed in the KMC area must bring their OHA/TLA documents certified by the housing office to building 2108 from 0900-1200 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday (with the exception of federal holidays and family days).

Members stationed at geographically separated units outside the KMC area may submit documents through the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP).  If unable to utilize CSP due to network incompatibility, members may submit through the org box.  If your location does not have a housing office, the nearest embassy must be utilized to certify your TLA and/or rental agreement/lease.

For military pay issues, visit the myPay Website at Issues that can be resolved include:

 -View current/ prior month LES
 -Change military pay direct deposit
 -Start, stop or change allotments
 -Start, stop or change TSP
 -Open or close Savings Deposit Program account
 -Start or change bond allotments
 -Change correspondence address
 -State income tax exemption test certificate

Travel pay

For DTS access to file vouchers, visit here.
Student Dependent Travel Voucher Guidance

BAH revalidation

All Airmen with dependents will be required to recertify their dependency status upon arrival to Ramstein Air Base. During this AF-wide BAH recertification, it's required that you bring your back-up documentation (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc) with you during in-processing so that you can present it to base-level Finance for recertification. Copies of certificates are authorized.

finance resources

Below is a link to the Financial Services Knowledge Base (FSKB). This is a data base that answers a majority of general finance questions

FSKB includes the following information:  

  • Allotments
  • Debts
  • Separations & Retirements
  • Taxes
  • PCS
  • Military Pay & Allowances
  • Special & Incentive Pay
  • Deployments & TDYs


Please see the following link and steps below for access:


  1. Click the “Create Account” button on the homepage of FSKB
  2. Fill out the required information for access and follow the necessary steps
  3. CAC Login should be supported for future login use
  4. Click on the answers tab and type any keywords to find applicable answers
  5. Click on the instant advise tab to see an overview of a specific topic
  6. Answers that are provided are detailed and include specific regulations

*Please be aware that some information is outdated, but the majority of information is still accurate and applicable

Finance Contact Info

Comptroller Services Portal

Finance is expanding service while adding transparency to the status of your question! Customer service inquiries for Military, Civilian, and Travel Pay can use the Air Force Comptroller Services Portal (CSP). Customers with questions going forward will be asked to input & submit through CSP.

The site is secure and fully protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII). CSP does not require VPN access but does require a CAC reader when using a personal computer. Members will be prompted to create a user profile and make any necessary updates (2-3 minute process) before submitting their initial request. Customers can then submit, review, and track their requests anytime, anywhere.

*MS Edge is the preferred browser, followed by Chrome 


Walk-ins will be honored from 0900-1200 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri for the following issues only:

  • Advance Rent/Security Deposit
  • Debt Repayment (0900-1200): Mon, Tues, and Thurs only
  • GSU Personnel for Military/Travel Pay Issues
  • OHA Underpayment over 30 Days
  • No Pay Status
  • Security Deposit Repayment

Wednesdays are reserved for First Sergeants from 0900-1200.

Org Boxes

Org boxes are ONLY intended for GSUs and members without emails. Our primary means of electronic communication is through the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP), located at  The CSP allows transfer of PII, so a CAC login is required.  If you have not used the CSP before, you will need to create a profile, and instructions are available on the home page under Quick Links.

Email Org Boxes:
Civilian Pay Team:
CED Orders/Authorizations:
Travel Certification for Invitational, LN, Student Dep, and RAT:
Customer Service:

Keep in mind:
-Civilian pay issues need to be routed through your Timekeeper
-DTS issues not related to Emergency or Deployment travel need to be routed through your ODTA
-GTCs can be placed in Mission Critical status by your Unit APC to avoid delinquency issues
-Security deposit repayment amounts are calculated using the daily exchange rate so verify amount before ordering money order/cashier’s check
--NO cash will be accepted at this time, personal checks preferred.
-Check MyPers for the latest COVID-19 PCS Entitlement Guidelines

civilian pay

Civilian Pay may answer inquiries through the Customer Service Portal. Civilian Pay can be contacted at for members without access to CSP