KMC Chapels

Updated September 22, 2017

KMC AF Chapels
The Kaiserslautern MIlitary Community Air Force Chaplain Corps is a  professional, responsive Chaplain Service Team providing the community their Constitutional Right of Freedom of Religion. Their mission: "Promote a spiritually healthy and vibrant Kaiserslautern Military Community," by providing: 

  • Religious Observances
  • Pastoral Care
  • Religious, Spiritual, and Moral Advice

The chapel offers a variety of services as well as programs for service members, children and teens. These groups are assembled based on interest so sign up and create the interest. The KMC has several chapels.

Ramstein North Chapel, Bldg 1201, DSN 480-6148 or Civ 06371-47-6148
Ramstein South Chapel, Bldg 2403, DSN 480-5753 or Civ 06371-47-5753
Vogelweh Chapel, Bldg 2063, Please call Ramstein North Chapel
Kapaun Chapel/Annex, Bldgs 2781/2782, Please call Ramstein North Chapel

(as of July 2017)

Service  North Chapel 1030, 1st Sat
   Holy Family Catholic Community  
 Daily Mass North Chapel  1130, Mon-Fri
Confessions Vogelweh Chapel 1600-1645, Sat
Vigil Mass Vogelweh Chapel 1700, Sat
Confessions North Chapel 1600-1645, Sun
Sunday Masses North Chapel 0900 & 1700, Sun
First Friday Adoration North Chapel 1800, 1st Fri
   Men's Group - Knights of Columbus (K of C)  
 Meeting South Chapel 1800, 2nd Tue
Social Location TBD 1800, 4th Tue
  Catholic Women of the Chapel (CWOC)    
 Bible Study North Chapel 0900, Tue
Mommies & Little Catholics North Chapel 0900, Thu
 Monthly Social North Chapel 1800, 1st Thu
  Catholic Religious Education (RE)   
Kindergarten-Grade 5 Intermediate School 1100, Sun
Grade 6-Confirmation Middle School 1100, Sun
 Life Teen North Chapel 1815, Sun
  Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)       
 Meeting South Chapel 1800, Thu
 Service Kapaun Chapel 1030, Sun
Jummah South Chapel 1315, Fri
Daily Prayer South Chapel 1330, Mon-Thu
 Religious Education South Chapel 1900, 1st & 3rd Fri
Shabbat South Chapel 1900, Fri
Service South Chapel 1600, 2nd & 4th Sun
Service North Chapel 1800, 1st Sat
Confessions   By Appointment
Divine Liturgy Kapaun Chapel 0900, Sun
Contemporary North Chapel 1100, Sun
  (Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministry ASL interpreter available)   
 Children's Church North Chapel Annex Ages 5 and Up
  (Children are dismissed during service to attend)   
 Gospel Vogelweh Chapel 1100, Sun
Children's Church Vogelweh Chapel Grades K-6
  (Children are dismissed during service to attend)   
Traditonal w/Holy Communion  South Chapel 0930, Sun
Children's Sunday School South Chapel Begins 15 Oct 2017, 1100-1200
  Men's Small Group Bible Studies  
Bible Study South Chapel 1200, Wed
  Women's Small Group Bible Studies        
Bible Study Vogelweh Chapel 1830, Mon
Bible Study North Chapel 0900, Tue
Bible Study South Chapel 1800, Tue
 Bible Study Vogelweh Chapel  0900, Thu
  Children's Ministries - AWANA       
     Youth Ministry (PYOC)   
 Grades 6-8 North Chapel 1730, Tue
 Grades 9-12 North Chapel 1930, Tue
Service Kapaun Annex 1900, Sat
   E-1 to E-4 only  
     Club 7     
   Natalie Luksan,  
     Kapaun (Bldg 2761)  
   Ramstein (Bldg 2410)  
 Friday Dinner Ramstein Club 7  1800, Fri