In-Processing upon arrival to Ramstein

Action: In-process With New Unit

Timeline: Within 24 hours of Arriving

Instructions: Proceed to your unit CSS/CCQ.  For the ~5% of members that do not have a CSS or CCQ, please contact the Customer Service office in the MPF at with “In-Processing,” your arrival date, and your last name in the subject line.  Members are required to complete an IDA Worksheet, and provide the below listed documents (typically found in the folder provided by your losing base during out-processing).  The CSS/CCQ or MPF will then officially gain the member in MilPDS.”

- Orders/Amendments

- Security Clearance Memo

- AF Form 330/Records Transmittal

- Medical/Dental/Immunization Clearance Letter

- AF Form 965 - AF Form 1466

- Current Fitness Assessment

- BMT/Tech School Certs (FTA with six-year enlistment % 1st Duty Stations)

- ASSESSIONS ONLY: EAD Orders & copy of voucher