Honor Guards mission, deeper than patriotism

  • Published
  • By Airman Dymekre Allen
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Standing motionless in the rain or snow awaiting to be freed by a single command. Once the order is given all movements are executed with precision and with no emotion shown to the audience.

As the crowd watches you, amazed to witness no element brought by nature can break your determination a feeling of accomplishment creeps up. Knowing that this feeling could ultimately jeopardize the mission it is locked away quickly and you stand motionless once again awaiting the next command this is the sacrifice among the Air Forces elite honor guard.

Since the Headquarters Command of the United States Air Force directed the creation of an elite ceremonial unit in 1948, the U.S. Air Force honor guard as well as Ramstein's guardsman's soul mission has been perfection.

According to the guardsman's creed, "The level in which they perform will never be dictated by the type of ceremony, the severity of the temperature, nor the size of the crowd."

"Our dedication is deeper than patriotism," said Senior Airman Quiten Brewer, 786th Force Support Squadron honor guardsman. "Our commitment is of the highest level ... We perform these ceremonies striving for perfection in every breath, in every turn, and in each step."

For some of the guardsman the sharp, crisp and motionless appeal and a strong will to be the best was the reason they decided to join the Air Force.

"It's about getting better," said Senior Airman Jasmine Payne 786th FSS guardsman. "Giving that extra time and effort to be the best in the world, that's what most of the people who join want."

The base honor guard represents the U.S. Air Force at all public and official ceremonies. Some of the services the base honor guard provides are colors, bearers, and firing party.
These ceremonies can range from church services to laying down fallen brothers in arms.

"We represent those before us, those who will come after us, the honored and the fallen," said Brewer. "Our services are of the highest honor and are meaningful to all that witness them."

With every slam of the guidon, posting of the colors, and firing of the rifle, the Honor Guard has exuded a high level of excellence in all that they do and practice countless hours perfecting their craft so they can represent the Air Force and their base with honor, courage and commitment.