Ramstein Community Center knows how to get to Sesame Street

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Timothy Moore
  • 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The Ramstein Community Center hosted a family night featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, Sept. 22.

Family nights are monthly events, which usually include a character for children to meet, hosted by the RCC with the intent to give parents an opportunity to have a fun filled night away from home with their children.

"We try to cater to things children would like," said Danielle Pierce, RCC recreation aide. "We typically aim for a younger age group, like with Elmo and Cookie Monster. We definitely like to offer activities families would like to be at instead of being stuck in their house."

At the Elmo and Cookie Monster Family Night, children were able to have their pictures taken with the two characters, decorate cookies, make crafts, play in a bounce house and have balloon art made.

Family nights are one of the many monthly events that the RCC hosts for families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community.

"We try to do family bingos monthly, play-group socials three Wednesdays a month and flea markets twice a month," said Pierce. "Our family night is done near the end of the month on a Monday."

Some of the events, such as family bingo night, are themed to try and add extra fun for kids and all involved. One themed event recently held was Lego Bingo.

"For bingo night, we are always asking people, 'What would you like to see?'" Pierce said. "Lego is a big one. We also offer things like back to school and pampered chef bingo night."

Though the workers at the RCC ask for input directly, families and members of the KMC have another way to provide input for events.

"We have our comment card," Pierce said. "They are always more than welcome to put in whatever they would like to see or whatever they feel would help. We like to hear how they felt about the night or what they would like to see next."

Along with their monthly events, the RCC also hosts special events throughout the year.

"We offer craft bazaars for the holiday season," Pierce said. "You've got homemakers and people who do things on the side that can bring their business here and show off what they can do."

The RCC even host plays, such as the fairytale private investigation story titled "The Disappearance of the Three Little Pigs."

Many of the events are free for children under 3 years old, and all events are open to anyone able to gain base access.

"Anyone interested and wants to come is definitely welcome through our doors," Pierce said. "We don't push people away. We like it when people come."

For more information about family nights and other events, contact the RCC at DSN 480-6600 or commercial 06371-47-6600.